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Indonesia Plant Nursery

We are a plant nursery from Indonesia with over 1000 tropical plants in stock. Most of them are aroid and hoya plants, some of them is rare plants that you can’t found in regular plant shop

If you looking for the plant suppliers from Indonesia, we have wholesale price with 10 plants order in same category.

we can ship plants worldwide in all seasons, except for countries that prohibit imports from Indonesia. You also don’t need to pay additional cost for phytosanitary certificate.

For any inquiry regarding buy plants from Indonesia at, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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Bloooming Hoya

Must-Have Hoya in Your Plant Collections

If you are looking for Hoya, you will find hundreds of hoya varieties around the globe. It is overwhelming but you can pick the most famous Hoya that everyone loves. In this…

Alocasia Puncakborneensis care tips

Alocasia Puncakborneensis Grow and Care Tips

Buy Alocasia Puncakborneensis can be easy, but taking care of them can get stressful. Especially when you are a beginner in the plant community or maybe just starting with Alocasia. In this…

Dischidia Major Grow

Grow and Care Dischidia Major

If you are an avid plant parent who wants to try something new, Dischidia Major could be the best option.  Dischidia Major is known as rattle skull or banana hoya since it…