Rhaphidophora Cryptantha


Discover the rare and stunning Rhaphidophora cryptantha, an exquisite shingling aroid native to Southeast Asia. This unique plant boasts silvery blue-green leaves adorned with eye-catching silver veins. Known as the Shingle Plant among its close relatives, Rhaphidophora Cryptantha’s foliage lies flat against a tree instead of fanning outwards.

Some of our Rhaphidophora Cryptantha plants are carefully rooted in soil and encouraged to start shingling up a moss pole. If rooted soil plants are not available, we will take a fresh cutting. As they climb, their foliage continues to grow larger and, with adequate humidity, remains flat against the climbing surface.

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Rhaphidophora cryptantha is an aroid vine from Papua New Guinea. Rhaphidophora Cryptantha loves to grow on a flat, smooth surface, like a wooden board, to reach its potential for wider foliage.

In Indonesia, some people keep their Rhaphidophora Cryptantha in the garden to decorate the garden walls. Keep in mind, they have starks roots towards the wall means their roots could cause some holes. The mature foliage could reach up to 1-2inch (2.5-5cm) wide. We also have another rhaphidophora plants for sale that you can combine with this cryptantha for mix shipping.

Buying Rhaphidophora Cryptantha

If you are buying Rhaphiophora cryptantha from, we will process the export document first. We will fresh cut your plants a day before getting a phytosanitary certificate once the export document for the phytosanitary certificate is clear. We cut around 20 cm for each order. We keep aerial root to make sure they can easily propagate after coming to your house.

We take them to the quarantine agency to get pesticide treatment, then ship your plants. We get notified from our customers in South Korea that the plants we shipped to them have arrived safely. This is the image she sent me.

Rhaphidophora cryptantha shipped to South Korea
Fresh Cutting Rhaphidophora cryptantha delivered safely to the South Korea

Take Care of Rhaphidophora cryptantha

Rhaphidophora cryptantha is easy-care rare houseplant, you can grow them easily indoor or outdoor. In our nursery, we put them in wall block, with high humidity, bright indirect lightning and avoid them for direct sunlight. Here’s a simple guide to help you take care of your stunning shingling aroid.

  • Light: Rhaphidophora cryptantha thrives in bright, indirect light. Place it near a window with filtered sunlight or in a well-lit room. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves.
  • Water: Water your plant when the top 1-2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch. Ensure proper drainage to prevent root rot. Overwatering can harm your plant, so it’s better to err on the side of caution.
  • Humidity: This plant prefers high humidity. You can maintain humidity levels by placing a tray with pebbles and water under the pot, using a humidifier, or misting the plant regularly.
  • Fertilizer: Feed your Rhaphidophora Cryptantha with a balanced, liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer). Avoid fertilizing during the winter months.
  • Climbing Support: Give your plant something to climb, like a moss pole or a wooden board, to encourage its natural shingling behavior.
  • Pruning: Regularly prune your plant to maintain its shape and promote bushier growth. Remove any yellowing or damaged leaves to keep your Rhaphidophora cryptantha healthy.
  • Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix and a slightly larger pot to encourage growth.

By following these care tips, you’ll ensure that your Rhaphidophora Cryptantha stays healthy and happy, adding a touch of natural beauty to your indoor space. Enjoy your journey as a new plant parent!

If you have anything to ask relate to the Rhaphidophora Cryptantha, feel free to contact us directly via email.

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Rhaphidophora Cryptantha
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Rhaphidophora Cryptantha
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19 in stock

By purchasing this plant, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this sale. For more information, please visit our FAQ and What to do when your plant arrives guide. Before checking out, please check our free plants offer.