Term & Condition

When you buy plants from labijo.id, you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below.

General Term

  • Customers who buy plants from other countries understand that the plants may not be in the best condition when they arrive due to the long transportation process and plant state (with or without root). Recovery will take some time.
  • If you buy plants from another country, you must have the knowledge and experience to care for them.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to understand whether the plants are forbidden or not in their country and to understand the import requirements in their country.
  • For DHL information, the customer must enter their phone number and email address. Many failures of delivery are caused by customer uncontactability. DHL Express requires an acceptance signature on delivery. We don’t give replacements or refunds for these conditions.
  • Some coupon pages have their own term that override the term and conditions on this page. For more information, please read the coupon page to find out the applicable term and condition.

Export Process

  • We do not accept any shipping requests that are declared as Non-Plant or other illegal action.
  • Please note that some countries require an import permit or other document. It is the customer’s obligation to provide the required import permit. For example, customers
    • from Canada are required to provide an import permit.
    • For the purchase of more than 12 plants, a customer from the United States must provide an import permit.
    • Please do research first into your government’s official website about the regulations
  • We have to proceed with export permit approval from the Indonesian government prior to shipping. It usually takes 7–14 working days.
  • After receiving export permit approval, we will process the phytosanitary certificate. It’s free for all buyers on labijo.id.

Custom & Shipping Process

  • Plants are carefully sanitized and then covered in plastic with sterilised moist moss. For some countries’ regulations, they don’t use spaghnum moss but tissue. Plants are rolled up in paper to provide protection for the leaves. We use styrofoam boxes (during winter) or cardboard boxes as secondary packaging. 
  • The buyer needs to understand that shipping duration also depends on the customs clearance process. Customers should contact their local DHL if there is a delay.
  • We ship plants with Phytosanitary Certificates in every shipment, indicating that the plants have already passed the quarantine inspection and meet the customer’s country’s requirements.
  • When the normal custom process has been passed (maximum 3 days) and the plants die because of bad preparation by our team, the customer may propose plant replacement. To be eligible for plant replacement, pictures or videos of the plant’s conditions must be sent as proof within 48 hours after the plant’s arrival.
  • We don’t take responsibility for the import tax and other fees after the plants arrive in your country; it’s the buyer’s responsibility.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Refund & Replacement

We have a replacement policy if your plants die during shipping with some terms.

  • We guarantee all dead plants and heavy damage with no chance of survival with replacement. We don’t guarantee against minor damage like dead leaves. Damage in shipping is part of the risk of buying live plants. The buyer should understand this condition.
  • If plants die because it takes too long in customs, it’s not our responsibility. Please make sure you have an import permit if it is required by your customs regulations. You may be subject to import taxes. We can’t send replacements and refund the plants. 
  • To claim the guarantee, you need to provide a clear unboxing video from opening the box until you clean the roots, so we can investigate the problem.
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