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Labijo.id is a global tropical plant supplier with an enduring commitment to biodiversity and quality.

Guided by our vision to become the leading plant supplier in the region, offering an extensive variety of species, we strive to deliver nothing but the best to our clients worldwide.

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At Labijo.id, our mission is to cultivate and distribute an extensive variety of high-quality tropical plants, serving customers across the globe. We are committed to:

Quality and Innovation

We are dedicated to conducting research, aiming to present our customers with the highest quality plants and a diversity that is unparalleled in the market.

Global Partnership

We actively seek to expand our agency and cooperation with businesses and SMEs from all corners of the globe, believing in mutual growth and the power of collaboration.

Product Range Expansion

Continuously diversify our plant offerings, guided by dedicated research into unique and intriguing plant species and varieties

Self-Sustaining Production

Control the quality and cost of our products by managing our production process, from seed to sale, delivering top-tier, affordable plants to our customers worldwide.

Our Values

Woman Empowerment


We believe in empowering individuals, particularly women.

We are committed to supporting low-income families by providing equal-wage jobs for women, contributing to economic empowerment and gender equality in the communities we serve


Partnership and Growth

Our mission extends beyond our plant supply services. We actively support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by engaging them as business partners.

This helps to foster economic growth and ensures the sustainable development of the businesses we interact with.

Plant Supplier

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

We are passionate about the environment. Our core business revolves around the cultivation and supply of tropical plants, and we actively promote environmental awareness by bringing plants into people’s lives.

Our Product Range

Indoor Plants

From hanging plants like Tillandsia, Petunia, Fuchsia, and Acalypha to table plants such as Cacti, Epipremnum, Mini Orchid, and Sansevieria

Our collection also includes rare plant species like Amrydium, Labisia, and Pterisantes, as well as a broad range of ornamentals such as Anthurium, Philodendron, Platycerium, and Aglaonema.

For lovers of vertical gardening, we offer Bromelia, Pothos, Syngoniuum, Acacia, Marananta, and Fern, among others.

Outdoor Plants

Our outdoor plant collection features shrubs like Eudia, Asoca, Mapighia, and Bromelia, ground cover options like Portulaca, Morrowii, Azalea, and Hemerocallis, and climbers including Ficus, Clitoria, Scindapsus, Rhaphidophora, and Hoya.

Ornamental outdoor plants range from Alocasia and Phyllostachys to Casuarina and Plumeria, while our Bonsai collection includes species such as Tamarindus, Jinuperus, Triphasia, Murraya, and Streblus.

Jungle Plants

We are adding jungle plant collections to our greenhouse propagation. It takes time, but it is worth it to wait.

We have some jungle plants ready to ship in limited stock, but you can pre-order of jungle plants from us.

We have a range of jungle plant collections like Sonerila, Argostema, Labisia, Piper, and Pterisantes.

Additional Product

Beyond plants, we offer a variety of other products to complement your gardening and landscaping needs.

Our offerings include different mediums like Bamboo leaves and Twig, Hardwood, Tea Leaves and Twig, Coffee Husks, and Rice Husks.

We supply coconut products like Coco Chips, Coco Peat, and Coco Fiber, and an array of ornamental pots including Marble Pot, Clay Pot, and Teraso Pot.

For soil enrichment, we provide Biochar, Sand and Gravel types like Pumice, Silica, Zeolite, and Vulcanic, as well as Coal Fertilizer.

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