How to Recover Plant after Shipping

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Your new plant just arrived from shipping. So excited to see your new baby, especially for new plant parents. 

When you unboxing the plants, the conditions are unpredictable. Some plants coming in good conditions, sometimes with dry leaves, even sometimes their leaves start to rot.

After your plant arrive from shipping, what’s next? Yes, taking care of them in the right way to keep them thriving. 

But what is the right treatments for plants from shipping? Here what need you to do to recover plant after shipping.

Plants with Moss/ Tissue Paper

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One of the most common ways to get your plants from online shops like Labijo is the plant is wrapped with moss or tissue paper. It is easier, cleaner, and saving a lot of space to send which is could save shipping costs

When you get plants with moss/tissue paper, the chance of getting mites or bugs from the soil is smaller. It is also lighter to compare with soil when it comes to weight for shipping.

Plants in moss/tissue paper usually have enough water to survive the trip. The things that you can do is:

  • Remove the plants from the packaging
    Remove their packaging carefully because we don’t want to accidentally cut their roots. Once it open, remove all the moss/tissue paper. You can examine their root, is it healthy or not.
  • Put roots in a jar of water.

New water can help the plants healthier. It will refresh them from roots. You could keep them in this way for 3-7 days. Keep monitor them during these days. Most plants better stay for a few days, but if you buy new monstera, they usually only need 24 hours to stay in the water.

  • Change water daily
    Freshwater is important will give better results to refresh the plants. Change it daily.
  • Pot up after few days.

When the roots look more stable and grow more, your plant is ready to re-pot with mixed media. This will prevent the plant from the shock of new environments.

Plants Potted with Soaking Wet Soil 

Plant with wet soil

Plants potted with soil are also common during shipping. They will give more stable nutrient to the plant. Some seller also gives water to keep the soil moist, so the plants is not getting dry.

Sometimes during the shipping seller can’t predict the exact amount of water needed. It makes the soil still wet, more than moist until on your mailbox.

Don’t be panic, here are some steps that you can do if you get plants potted with soaking wet soil: 

  • Do not water the plants
    Plants have enough water. Don’t make them handsadle more water, it will cause root rot.
  • Let it under the sun until the soil drier
    If the plants love the sun so much, you can put them under the sun. It will help more water get evaporated and soil getting dry.
  • Use heat Pack
    If you don’t have enough sun, you can use a heat pack. It can help drier the soil. You can put the heat pack nearby the plants. It also helps their surroundings get more humid.
  • Let them alone
    During the drying soil process, let them alone. Keep them alone will help the plants to adapt to the new environment. Especially for exotic tropical plants that move to the four-season countries. Be patient and keep checking on their progress. 

Plants Potted Dry Soil

weak plants

Since shipping is hard to predict, plants potted in soil could also really dry once they arrive at your home. 

Usually, the plant will look sad and weak. Don’t worry, they can still thriving when we treat them right. You can following these steps:

  • Place pot in water.
    Place pot in the water to help them absorb water from the bottom. It will prevent root rot because they don’t have shock roots from dry soil to moist soil. The water can help them stronger and ready to re-pot.
  • Place it in somewhere when the soil still moist.
    When the plant starts to stronger, you can prepare the moist mixed media and let them recover. During this process, it will take more days before they can really adapt to the new place.
  • Don’t repot
    During these steps, don’t try to re-pot them immediately. It will only lead them to more stress and shock.

Plants Potted in Moist Soil

Rare Rhaphidophora tenuis

There is a time when you get plant potted in moist soil. They seem a bit restless but another hand, they just need time to adjust themself to a new environment. 

Since the soil is already moist, don’t put more water. It will make it too wet and not good for the roots. It will cause uneasy for the plant to adapt.

Don’t re-pot them even you really want to. Some plants could be super sensitive when they are moving too much while they also need to chill. Why you don’t chill with them and admiring your new baby? 😉

Plants with Damage Leaf

Anthurium Crystallinum broken leaf wholesale

Damage leaf is also commonly happened when your plant just arrives. It can be something that happened during the shipping or simply that plant is doesn’t like to travel that much and be stress.

Damage leaf means that your plant is folded during the shipping, or some of the leaves were torn up. Let them be. They are perfectly healthy leaves that don’t look at their best at that moment.

The damaged leaf is a healthy leaf which means that it can photosynthesis normally. With enough photosynthesis, the plant would thrive and stimulate new leaves. When the plants have enough leaf, you can cut the damaged leaf.

Dry spot, Yellow leaves, Dead leaves

Get rid of mealybug

Sometimes bad luck is on us. There is the day when you get plants with some leaves that already yellow or dead leaves. For variegation plants, some dry spots also appear.

If this happens, please check on their roots by opening the package carefully. If you find any root rot, you need to remove it. Removing root rot will increase the growth of healthy roots. Also, it will help the plants to recover faster.

Remove extra leaves. To survive, your plants will likely need 2-3 leaves. More than that, better to remove extra leaves. More leaves mean more photosynthesis, the root will be stress to get extra nutrition when we already cut some of the root rot. 

Besides the extra leaves, removing the yellow/dead leaves is the best thing to do. Because they are not promoting a new leaf and could lead to potential roots coming. 

The last step is to place plants in water until they have established and stronger roots. When they have better roots, they will more stable in the pot.

General Tips

zz plants

Here are some general tips that could help the plants to recover after they just arrived.

  • Use Cool Fresh Water
    Cool water is water with room temperature. The cold or warm water will shock the roots in many ways. The worst case, the root starting to rot. Always changes the water daily as they will have always fresh water.
  • One plant, One Container.
    For those of you that love to shopping for some plants at once, please have more extra containers to keep them separated. Separate the plants for each container will make us easier to maintain and analyze their behavior. More than that, as the roots growing, they will not entangle each other if they have different containers.
  • Don’t feed them. It will bring more stress
    When the plants just arrived in your home, they will adapt to the new environment. Let them rest and don’t feed them, too much food will be no good for them. 
  • Don’t go to direct bright sunlight. 

During the shipping, your plants are in a box that has little lights. When they arrived, don’t put them in direct bright sunlight. It will shock them with too much sunlight at once. You can ‘train’ them to put in the slow amount of light until they get full of light that they need. 

  • Put a plastic bag to help them adjust the humidity.
    Humidity is important, especially for tropical plants like Rhaphidophora Angustata or Rhaphidophora Foraminifera. You can use a plastic bag to cover the plant to increase the humidity. Let them stay for a couple of days to slowly recover with humidity. 
  • Plants with Variegation
    On the variegation plants, the variegation area highly has a brown spot because they are quite sensitive. Don’t be panic. You can cut the leaves and grow more nodes where the plants can be stronger.

Claim your Guarantee

guarantee at labijo

During the shipping, how the shipping agent handles the package is beyond seller control, including us at Labijo. One thing for sure, we always pack the plants in good conditions and as secure as possible

We believe that the plants would survive during the trip to your place. That’s why we provide a replacement guarantee.

When things go wrong and your plant couldn’t survive, you can claim your guarantee. Labijo will process all the claim when you sent the unboxing video to our email as proof of the conditions. Our team will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

Do you have any treatment to new plants on your house? Let us know in the comment sections.