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Ordering plants online can cause anxiety since you are not sure how the shop will handle the shipping. You are afraid the shipping will be late and your plant will die when it is handed to you. As a plant parent, you want the best for the plants, right?

In this article, we will talk about how Labijo ships your plant order so that it safely arrives after a long trip all the way from Indonesia.

Plant Pick & Quarantine

how we ship your plant order

After we get your paid order, our stock team will prepare all the items on your order list from our nursery. At this step, we will carefully pick the best stock and make sure the plants are healthy, with no mites nor disease. This is important because all the plants must have a phytosanitary certificate to pass customs.

Change The Media

online plant shop packaging

It is not possible for Labijo to use regular soil for shipping around the globe because the soil is not as clean as other plant media. It would also be difficult to predict soil conditions during the shipping period.

As a result, we change our media that are more predictable and cleaner during shipping such as sphagnum moss. It will have enough water for days, so your plant will not thirsty.


how we pack

Hard for us to predict how the shipping agent will handle your plant. Is it in the middle of a big container? Or up left ones? Or where? Then we decide to put them in a safe box that will stay in constant humidity that your plants love. Also, we pick the box since it is easier to organize and more secure.

We also wrapped your plants with paper to make sure they are not sweaty and have personal space (if you order more than one plant) during their trip to you. Sweaty plants can be soggy and triggered more damage.

After all these efforts, we can guarantee that your plants will survive when it arrives in front of your door. In case they died during the shipment, we will send a new replacement after you give us the unboxing video as proof, ok?

No extra cost for you for the replacement. Nothing.


how we ship your order

To ship the plants around the globe, we rely on DHL service. They are fast and reliable, but they also need your phone number to process the shipping. We promise, they are not spammy 🙂

Their flat rate
US : 3kg / volume total 3kg = USD 80
EU : 3kg / volume total 3kg = USD 90

But it can be more if you order big plants such as Anthurium Magnificum Kingsize or Variegated Fiddle Leaf Fig. So we need to recalculate the shipping costs.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t ship plants to some countries because of their customs regulations. You can check the updated list here. If you insist on sending it to your country but your country is already on our list, all the risks are on your own.

As a plant lover, it is sad for us if the plant will be stuck in customs. In the worst case, the plants will be destroyed. Please check on your customs before order.

All those shipping processes that we said would finish within six to ten working days on average So please be patient, good thing takes time, right? Now, your plant is ready to go. Keep an eye out for the postman!


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