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Shipping Plants into US updated in 2023! This will affect all order into US, especially who ordered more than 12 plants in one package. Please read them carefully to understanding about the updates.

Latest update regulation when you order plants from Indonesia, especially from us

  • Import permit is a must (Even if you order for less than 12 plants). It’s required to get phytosanitary certificate documents. With an import permit, the buyer understand that they buy importing plants from Indonesia.

    They applied this term because there has been an increase in Zero Notifications of Non-Compliance (NNC) for ornamental plant shipments to the U.S.

    This situation primarily arises from some exporters not fulfilling the necessary document for shipments or the buyer didn’t understand about import regulations.
  • We must ship the plants to your respective USDA (if you order more than 12 plants)
  • Shipping cost we charge, only cover shipping from Indonesia to your respective USDA. Not covering shipping from USDA to your address. You need to pay the shipping from USDA, or pick your plants directly in your respective USDA if near your place.
  • After inscpected successfull, buyer should send shipping label by your prefered courier (the best way to do that is, send us the label before the plants shipped. We will put the label inside the package, so after inspected your only need to arrange pickup. Because some of our customer have bad experience when the shipping label to their address not available in shipping box)
  • Shipping directly to customer address is not always successful. Success rate only 50% by November 2023.

USDA Shipping Label Instruction

We do this to meet requirements from USDA import permit label that you send to us before shipping the plants.

Inside the Package

The PPQ 588, PPQ 587 or PPQ 546 permit authorizes importation of specified regulated articles. Therefore, the inclusion of articles not specifically authorized on the permit will lead to refusal or destruction of the entire shipment.

Place the following documentation inside each package:

  1. A copy of the permit or the permit number.
  2. Invoice, packing list, or statement of contents.
  3. Phytosanitary Certificate (if required).
  4. All underlying packaging/wrapping must have the following documentation to direct the shipment to its final destination after inspection:
    • a. Final destination’s address (must match the permittee’s address on the permit).
    • b. A prepaid delivery waybill, or carrier account number.
    • c. Any other needed information, such as delivery instructions or pickup instructions.

Note: USDA APHIS does not defray any additional shipping costs for transiting the shipment through a PPQ plant inspection station as the initial U.S. destination.

Outside the Package

Attach the following information on the outside of each package:

  1. The name and address of the shipper.
  2. Required labels – PPQ Form 508
    • Securely attach the green/yellow label to the exterior of each your packages with clear/transparent tape. The PPQ label will direct the package to the PPQ plant inspection station authorized by the permit.
  3. The Express Carrier or Postal shipping label MUST be addressed to the PPQ plant inspection station indicated on the PPQ label. DO NOT include the permit address on the outside of the package.
  4. NO OTHER address information can be on the outside of the package.

With this, we hope you understand about shipping plants through USDA in US. If you order less than 12 plant, we can ship directly to your address.

Apply for An Import Permit

If you want to start applying an import permit, Here good video explanation from Plant Therapii that will help you apply an import permit.

YouTube video


Here some frequently ask question about shipping plants to the US

Do I need to pay twice for shipping?

Yep, if you buy more than 12 plants. You need to pay shipping cost from Indonesia to USDA then USDA to your address. Shipping cost we charged is for paying shipping from Indonesia to USDA Plants Inspection.

What Shipping Label Are We Use from USDA to us Address?

You can choose your preferred courier to pick up plants from USDA. Usually, our customer using USPS for shipping from USDA to buyer address.

But if the USDA Plants Inspection near your area, we suggest you pick up the plants in USDA.

How I Send the Second Shipping Label?

Based on USDA instructions, you they recommended to add the shipping label inside the box. So after the plants already checked by USDA, they will using label that already in the box and ship to your address.

You can send the USPS Label / your preferred courier before shipping. So, we can print and put them inside your box.

Can I Pick Up Plants in USDA?

Of course, after covid end, usually they let you pick up the package. Before that, make sure to contact your respective USDA Plants Inspection first.


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