Hoya Flower in Our Nursery is Blooming

by maspan


Have you ever seen hoya plants bloom? When buying plants online, you will only receive plants with leaves. The flower is vulnerable to falling, making shipping the plant with the flower impossible. Many people, including me, use hoya flowers as photo props.

In this post, I’d like to show you all of the hoya plant blooms that are already blooming in our nursery. I will update regularly about hoya plants that bloomings in labijo.id nursery.

Which hoya plants are you interested in buying? We can ship hoya plants worldwide with free phytosanitary certificate.

Sometimes we do mistake when identified the flower, so please let us know if what we post here is miss-identified. We will correct the flower name

Hoya Verticillata

Hoya Verticillata Flower Bloom

Oh, you’ve gotta check out this adorable Hoya Verticillata. It’s not something you stumble upon every day. Its variegated leaves are just stunning. Imagine a mix of white and pink edges – yep, that pretty.

And the flowers? Even more gorgeous and they give off this incredible fragrance. Here’s a fun fact: the buds start off pink, but then the flowers blossom into a delicate white with just a whisper of pink. It’s a bit of a show-off, this hoya. It loves blooming, even when it’s young.

You could just get it for the stunning leaves, honestly. As for care, we’ve found it’s pretty chill. We just leave it outside in filtered light, make sure the soil is a little dry, and keep it away from the cold.

The hoya hails from places like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, by the way. So it’s bringing a bit of that exotic flair to your space too!

Hoya Vitellinoides

Hoya Vitellinoides Flower Bloom

Okay, so there’s this Hoya vitellinoides plant, right? It’s pretty rad because it’s got these stunning, massive leaf markings. We’re talking Borneo native-level cool here.

Now, the impressive part is that this plant seems to be a real fighter. They can survive when ship more than 10 days.

It took its sweet time settling in, not doing much for a few months. But now, it’s all gung-ho, actively growing and totally loving the grow tent. Oh, and it’s just bloomed on an old peduncle, which is super cool.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a sturdy, large-leafed, and downright beautiful plant species to add to your collection, you might wanna give this one a shot. It’s definitely worth considering.

Hoya Rindu Raflesia

Hoya Rindu Raflesia Flower Bloom

The Hoya Rindu Raflessia, which also goes by the name Hoya Bengkulu. It’s named after the same place where the famous Rafflesia Arnoldii comes from. Kinda cool, huh?

The Hoya Rindu Raflessia sports long and slender leaves that end in a sharp point. They’re really unique! But the star of the show has to be their flowers – they’re this off-white color and have a super shiny, glossy appearance. Absolutely gorgeous!

In terms of where they like to hang out, they’re all about that indirect, bright light and they thrive in moist conditions. If you can provide that, they’ll be super happy

Hoya Tanggamus

Hoya Tanggamus Flower Bloom

The Hoya Tanggamus is a rare and beautiful hoya plants that comes from the rainforests of Indonesia. Its beautiful leaves, which are dark green and have prominent veins, will instantly improve the look of your home.

Its tiny, star-shaped flowers give off a soft, sweet scent that will mesmerize you.

Hoya Cinnamomifolia

Hoya Cinnamomifolia Flower Bloom

Flowers are usually seen in late spring or early summer. They are waxy and smell good. They have star-shaped flowers that grow in groups.

Each group of flowers on a well-cared-for plant has between 20 and 30 petals. They are really pretty!

Hoya Campanulata

Hoya campanulata flower bloom

Meet the Hoya Campanulata – its flowers are like cute little open parachutes. Now, there’s a bit of a naming dispute about this particular Hoya. But hey, once they figure that out, I’ll update it here.

This plant’s vibe is more shrub-like, and it doesn’t really twine. When it comes to care, it prefers a bit of a Goldilocks situation – not too dry, not too wet, but just right with a lightly moist medium.

Oh, and it loves it warm and humid. If the temperature drops into the 60s at night, it’ll blast buds all over. Right now, it’s absolutely loving life in my plant room that’s a balmy 86°.

If you’ve got the space and can provide these conditions, you absolutely gotta get this plant. It’s a must-have for sure!

Hoya Subquintuplinervis

Hoya Subquintuplinervis Flower Bloom

The Hoya subquintuplinervis. It’s got these big, dark green leaves that are shaped like ovals. The interesting part is they’ve got five veins that all start at the base.

The blooms are something else, man. They’re creamy-white, kind of curl back on themselves, and they’ve got this white corona with a pink middle. Plus, they smell amazing, like a fresh, citrusy breeze. And guess what, you can get up to 30 flowers all in one cluster!

When it comes to light, this buddy likes medium to bright, but indirect light. For water, it’s pretty chill. Water it a lot when it’s growing, and make sure the soil drains well. In the winter, you can go easy on the watering.

Maintenance? Low. Just give it a bit of fertilizer when it’s growing. And a cool tidbit for you


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