Best Places to Buy Plants Online with Affordable Price

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Buying plants online is the best way to get both high-quality and an affordable price for houseplants. You can even save more than 50% on plant purchases if you know where to source the plants. You can choose a variety of plants from tropical countries that are rarely found in nurseries in your area.

For tropical indoor houseplant lovers, Southeast Asia is the main source of these rare houseplants. Thank you, technology, for making buying plants online possible and easy! You can buy plants online from a reliable source in Indonesia from the comfort of your bedroom or toilet.

Never imported plants before? Don’t be scared of the customs! You don’t need to think about it if you only buy a small quantity. It’s similar to shopping on Amazon, etc. You only need to place an order, input your delivery address, and pay for the order.

After that, you only need to wait for the seller to process your order and for the plants to arrive at your doorstep. It took a while, but after seeing the price, it was really worth the wait.

Best Online Plant Shop is a nursery and plant exporter in Blitar, Indonesia. With experience of more than 2 years shipping plants worldwide, you can rely on them for your plant order. All plants are prepared and shipped directly from the greenhouse. You will get the best-quality plants in the stock.

Available Plants

They have many rare tropical plants like aroids or hoya flower plants with affordable price. You can also contact us via email if your dream plants are not listed on the shop page. We can help you get your tropical dream plants.

Mr. Ferrari from Italy came a few months ago looking for the Ixora plants. We can get them from our local nursery partner and ship them to Italy safely. Most of them came in good condition. This is the first time we ship Ixora plants, and it takes about 2 weeks to arrive.

Buy wholesale plants are also available at a lower price than you ever knew on the internet. This wholesale price is suitable for those who want to open a plant shop because the minimum order is only 50 plants. You can mix more than 10 plants that propagate in the greenhouse.

You also need an import permit if you want to buy more than 12 plants. For US citizens, you can apply for an import permit from the USDA. Without an import permit, we can’t ship more than 12 plants to the US.


Anthurium Crystallinum Stock in nursery

You will get lowest price if you buy from the source of the plants. Tropical plants came from tropical country like Indonesia. For example, if you want to buy Anthurium Crystallinum with 2 – 4 leaves on. How much you need to pay to get them?

  • The Sills don’t have this kind of plants in their stock when we write about this
  • No one sell this plants on Amazon
  • You can’t get them on too
  • Etsy? The lowest price for US seller is $26
  • We can’t found this plants on the bloomscape

We have anthurium crystallinum only $19! You can get them for free maximum 3 plants with coupon code FREEPLANTS during check out. Only pay for the shipping. How much money you can saving if you buy 12 plants?

Buy from US Seller

  • 12 Anthurium Crystallinum x $26 = $312 for the plants
  • Shipping = We are not sure about this

Buy from

If you buy 12 anthurium crystallinum, you can get 3 plants for free without a minimum order.

  • 12 Anthurium Crystallinum x $19 = $228
  • Phytosanitary certificate = $0
  • Shipping cost to US = $80
  • Total before discount = $308
  • 3 free plants x 19 = $57 off
  • Total pay with discount = $251

If 12 plants are too many for you, you can still sell the remaining plants on Etsy at a competitive price and make easy money;). We offer wholesale in large quantities too, at a cheaper price. less than $5/plant. You can read about it on the website for tropical plants wholesale.


You can read testimonials from the buyers on review pages or on Instagram. If the plants die during shipping, we offer a replacement or refund. If something bad happens to your package, you can try contacting us first with a clear unboxing video .

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Where You Buy Plants Online?

Rare Plant Shop is the first website that comes to mind while searching for houseplants from Indonesia online. We have a greenhouse where we grow new plants, and the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Quarantine checks on us often. All high-quality plants will be shipped directly from our greenhouse to your doorstep!

Importing plants from Indonesia is easy. We already wrote a guide about how to buy plants from Indonesia. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email! You can choose to buy plants online.

If you looking for best place to buy plants online in the US. We also can ship plants within US. Because we have US Rare Plant Shop in San Francisco and Tennessee. Free shipping within US without a minimum order.


Is it OK to buy plants online?

Don’t be scared about buy plants online. Most online plant shop and nurseries are reliable and will provide you more plants variety than your local plant shop. They have experience handling plants for shipping and will minimize damage during transportation. You will fell in love for some rare plants that can’t be found in your local nursery.

Is it cheaper to buy plants online or in store?

Buy plants online can be more expensive than buying plants in local plant shop if you buy in small quantity. Because shipping cost can be expensive if you import the plants. But if you buy in large quantity you can save more than 50% off. If you buy rare tropical plants online, you will get cheap price if you buy from the source of plants like

Is it okay to ship plants abroad?

Of course, plants can be shipped worldwide with safe package. We have experience more than 3 years ship plants worldwide.


Hello, we are plant shop and nursery from Indonesia.

Tropical Plant Shop
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