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5 Best Philodendron for Beginners

by maspan


Categorized as one of exotic houseplants, Philodendron has been known to have almost 500 species. This number makes it the second biggest after Anthurium. Philodendron surely cannot be neglected to beautify your indoor space, which even me myself have had more than I imagined at my house. I thought the meaning of the name – Love Tree – is made for a reason, isn’t it? It can either make you fall in love with this plant or to offer you the ambience of affection anytime.

Don’t worry if you are a newbie in growing plants because you are coming to the right place. Philo is forgiving and needs low maintenance, but it can survive for a long time. So, here are 5 best rare Philodendron you cannot miss since the first time you see. Trust me, you could not ignore them, ever! 

Philodendron Mexicanum 

philodendron Mexicanum from indonesia

The first exotic yet rare species is Philodendron Mexicanum. It appears in an exciting form of leaves with the attractive combination of colours. This climbing plant is in glossy light green when young, and will turn to deep green when it gets mature. The undersides are magenta and maroon. Beautiful, isn’t it? Not only its colours, the elongated leaves resembling the dog ear are definitely becoming its unique characteristics. 

Similar to other species of Philodendron, it is easy to take care of as long as you consider three main necessities of Philodendron Mexicanum. First, you need to ensure that it can absorb a sufficient amount of indirect light. I put mine around the window and sometimes place it outside in the early morning and late afternoon under the shade. I guarantee you, yours will be healthier if doing this. The second one is its water consumption. Never let your Mexicanum sit on the water after watering. The last one is about its temperature. Even though it can accept a range of 55⁰F – 85⁰F, it is not cold tolerant. 

One more, it is better if you use a heavy pot made from terracotta, for example, to support its climbing growth. 

Philodendron Golden Dragon 

Best Philodendron Golden Dragon for sale
Philodendron Golden Dragon Variegated / Lime Fiddle

The Philodendron Golden Dragon will catch your attention with its bigger size of leaves. This aesthetic foliage plant can reach up to 70 cm wide and 100 cm high. These large-sized leaves are even more attractive because of the pattern colouring the leaves. The mature one will be in dark green colour, but you can find another shade of green on it. However, this kind of pattern does not last forever. It can come and disappear anytime. 

If you have this at home, pay attention to the safe place to put it. It is not due to the consideration of the light alone, but it is non-edible and can be toxic when ingested by pets and humans. Also, since it is a fast grower, spend your time pruning it without harming it. You can cut off the part behind the nodes, which at the same time you can propagate it. 

Lime Fiddle / Philodendron Golden Dragon Variegated is worth to buy.

Philodendron Mayoi 

Philodendron Mayoi rare plants

Philodendron Mayoi is another good-looking houseplant suitable for you as beginners. Mayoi is characterized by up to six deep lobes on each side of its leaves. It is somehow similar to a palm tree, isn’t it? In its natural habitat, you can see the abundant amount of it, but it is said by some that it is quite difficult to find a number of Mayoi in stores. Therefore, if you have gotten one and it grows healthy and well, you need to learn how to propagate it. I insist you do this.

It will be an easy task since you know the basics. Propagating Mayoi can be done both in soil and water. However, sometimes it is found easier to grow the roots in the water. Once you can see a well-grown root, move it to the soil because it is a way to have stronger roots. Since then, you can treat it as what you used to do. 

Philodendron Atabapoense

philodendron Atabapoense for sale

Philodendron never stops offering us unique appearances. Another lovely and appealing species is Philodendron Atabapoense. You can recognize this plant by seeing its love-shaped leaves, yet in a narrow and long form. The upper sides are glossy dark green when mature and light green when young. The undersides are in magenta or maroon colour. If you do not want to find a ruined colour of its leaves, never put it under direct sunlight. 

Philodendron Atabapoense can reach its maximum size when you can support it vertically by providing bamboo stick or moist sphagnum moss pole. In its natural habitats, it is more likely to see Atabapoense blooms flowers, so I suggest you to not put high expectations when grow it indoors. 

The best way to treat Philodendron Atabapoense is by applying the common treatment of Philodendron. You need to keep it well-drained with moist soil but not wet. Also, light and air humidity play essential roles here. The high humidity is better, but if you can’t afford it, providing a humidifier will be helpful. 

Philodendron Martianum 


Unlike other aforementioned species that are captivating your attention with their gorgeous leaves, this Philodendron Martianum offers you different unique points. Surely it goes to its fat and chubby petioles! The long leaves of Martianum may seem common like other kinds of plants, but you can see its rosette formation looks like a pleasant leaf bouquet. 

Philodendron Martianum can grow big with its dark green leaves and light green in the petioles. Keeping Martianum elegant with shiny looks is effortless. You only need to wipe the leaves with sponge and water so that it will stay fresh and clean too. I personally do this once a week during the weekend, so that no dust on the leaves and the pests can be detected early.

Then, what are you waiting for? You have tons of options and these five recommendations will never let you down. You own fully the preferences especially about its appearances. However, three main basic plant cares consisting of water, light, and soil are relatively the same among Philodendron. Give it a try to adopt those species and prepare the addiction of wanting more! You can get the plants with free phytosanitary certificate on


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