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Where can I buy a tropical houseplant to make your home feel homier? Unfortunately, the houseplants (especially the rare ones) that you want are not always available in your local nursery. But thanks to technology, we can shop for plants just on our phones.

Labijo is the best place to buy rare tropical houseplants online because not all online plant shops are created equal. Here is why Labijo is best:

We are Plant Lover

taking care of plants

We are houseplant lovers, just like you. We just can’t sit still and want to spread happiness through plants around the world.

Every houseplant that we sent is a houseplant that we took care of with love. We make sure that they are healthy and in their best conditions. 

As a plant lover, we also make sure that we pack our houseplants properly (as best as we can provide) and secure for their trip to your home. 

Free Phytosanitary Certificate

Phytosanitary Certificate

To get your houseplants sent, they need a phytosanitary certificate. This certificate indicates that Labijo’s houseplant is healthy and free from any bugs or fungus. We will attach the certificate along with your houseplants.

A phytosanitary certificate can also help customs in your country identify that your plant(s) are not something prohibited from entering your country.


guarantee at labijo

Labijo also gives the guarantee of your order that they will survive to get in front of your door. 

The guarantee that you can claim is rot root or when your houseplant is completely dead on arrival. If it sad houseplants or yellowish leaves, that’s just a normal case since they are traveling along the way to get to your door. Imagine houseplants that need to pass customs, transit in several airports, etc.

You can claim your guarantee when you make a video of unboxing your houseplants and send it to us via email. We will send you new houseplants without any extra charge 🙂

Helpful Customer Service

Helpful Customer service at Labijo

If you have any questions or need help resolving your package, you can contact our customer services directly here or through our Facebook page. We will reply as soon as possible.

We will open every email, chat, from any channels as soon as possible. We are a small team, so sometimes you need a little bit of patience to get the answer. 

We have a newsletter that you can sign up for here. It’s free and full of gems. Most of our houseplants are stocked in limited numbers, make sure that you will get the first to know what’s newcomers in our nursery. 

Finding the tropical houseplant could be hard especially the rare ones. Labijo will bring your dream rare tropical houseplants in front of your door. Now you can grow your own jungle in your home.

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