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The Tropical Rare Plant Shop

by maspan


A lot of people were looking for rare plant shops during the pandemic. It makes many people around the world open rare plant shops. They usually sell unusual houseplants such as Anthurium, Philodendron, Monstera, and other Aroid plants.

The price of the plants is extremely expensive. Some of them are worth more than a thousand dollars, but some start at $50.

The plants are rare because they do not come from this area. A lot of rare plants come from tropical areas. They need to travel a thousand kilometers before reaching your home. It makes the rare plants expensive.

But now you can get the rare plants at an affordable price. You can buy plants online from us. We can ship plants worldwide with a free phytosanitary certificate. It means you don’t need to worry about the documents. We handle it for free, without a minimum order. You need to learn about customs in your area, which plants are prohibited and which documents need to be prepared, just like an import permit.

If you come from the USA, you don’t need to provide any documents after ordering plants online from us. You need to provide an import permit if you buy more than 12 plants. But if you come from Canada, we can only ship the plants after you have an import permit. You only need less than 2 weeks to process an import permit to Canada.

Please check the regulations from your customs/agriculutre ministry.

Tropical Plants for Sale

We have more than a thousand plants in our nursery where we grow plants from seeds and cuttings. We also work with local nurseries nationwide to provide high quality tropical plants for people around the world.

We have a rare collection of Aglaonema, Anthurium, Alocasia, Homalomena, Monstera, Rhaphidophora, Piper, Scindapsus, and Syngonium that belong to the Aroid Family. In addition to aroid plants, some people also like hoya plants, which have fragrant flowers.

This is the list of plants that are usually available for sale online. You can also get these plants from


Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor 4
Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

Aglaonema is a flowering plant genus in the Araceae family of arums. They come from Asia’s tropical and subtropical regions, as well as New Guinea. They are commonly referred to as Chinese evergreens.

They can live in both moist and dry conditions. They can survive in low-humidity places, but the best place to grow is in high-humidity places. You can put them behind your window with indirect sunlight. If you put them in a place with direct sunlight, the leaves will burn. Avoid them in cold places; they will get cold damage and die.

The price of aglanonema starts at $20.


The Rare Plant Shop : Alocasia dragon scale and alocasia grey
Alcoasia Dragon Scale & Grey

Alocasia is not a good plant for new plant parents. They need extra attention because they can’t live on wet soil. You need to keep the soil moist. Wet soil will make their rot rotten.

If you want to buy this plant from Indonesia, the safest way to ship it is only to ship the bulb. Shipping Alocasia with the leaves will make them easy to rot. During shipping, the leaves will start to turn yellow and get soggy. This is bad for the roots, because the wet conditions in the package will make the roots easy to rot.

With the bulb, they can be easily grown. You only need to put them in moist soil for a few days. You will get a new sprout of a new leaf. The leaves of Alocasia are poisonous to pets. It’s better to make sure that your pet can reach them.

If you’re looking for rare alocasia plants, we have some plants in our nursery that start at $20. We also have wholesale for the alocasia. But you need to know that the safest way to ship alocasian is to only ship the bulb.


Anthurium crystallinum in the garden
Anthurium Plants

Anhturium is an aroid plant that can grow as a houseplant. You can put them indoors or outdoors in a shady place. Don’t put them in direct sunlight, because it will make the leaves burn. Same as aglaonema, don’t put them in the outdoors during winter; they will get cold damage.

You need to be more careful with the anthuriums because they are poisonous plants. They can irritate the skin and eyes. If you have a pet in your house, make sure that your pet can’t reach the leaves of an anthurium. It can also make them feel unwell.

Besides that, these plants are easy to take care of. We have more than 1000 anthurium crystallinum available in stock in our nursery. We grow them from seeds and cuttings. We can give you anthurium crystallinum for free, you only need to pay for the shipping. A maximum of 3 plants per invoice.

The price of anthurium starts at $19.

Hoya Plants

Hoya Sp Sulawesi
Hoya Sp Sulawesi

Hoyas are epiphytic plants that live by climbing on trees. Don’t worry about the tree hosts because hoya don’t steal any minerals from them; they gather minerals from the air. Just like an orchid, hoya has beautiful, colorful, and fragrant flowers. Some flowers, like Hoya sp. Sulawesi, have a sweet fragnance.

You can put them in a hanging basket and move them easily on a terrace or hang them in your room. The price of hoya starts at $29.


Buy Homalomena Corong
Homalomena Corong

Homalomena are not normal indoor plants, but they are unique and easy to take care of. It’s a perfect way for new plant parents to learn how to take care of their homalomena. They don’t need special requirements for care.

With their unique evergreen foliage, they will be perfect for your home or apartment. The price of this rare plant is low. You can get them for as little as $29. You don’t need to pay for a phytosanitary certificate. We will handle it.


Monstera Acuminata
Monstera Acuminata

Monstera and Rhaphidophora are similar in that they both have holes in their leaves. However, not all monstera and rhaphidophora have holes. In Indonesia, Monsetera acuminata and Monstera adansonii will be called ‘Janda Bolong’.

The price of variegated monstera or rhaphidophora with the holes in the leaves is extremely expensive because they are extremely rare. You can try to buy the regular monstera or rhaphidophora before taking the expensive ones.

Rhaphidophora Foraminifera sale
Rhaphidophora Foraminifera

These plants climb. To get them to grow well, you need to add a pole to climb. They love bright, indirect lighting. You can put them near your house/apartment window. Let the light shine through their leaves.

The price of these plants starts at $19, and the variegated plants we rarely sell are available on the collection shop page. You can check periodically or subscribe to get notified when they are back in stock.


Philodendron Florida Ghost big
Philodendron Florida Ghost

Some people say that philodendron is the easiest houseplant to take care of. We couldn’t agree more. Philodendron is easy to take care of and has an over 95% success rate for shipping worldwide. They are strong enough to survive even if your package is held by customs for more than two weeks.

Lots of Philodendron varieties are climbing plants. They need a pole for climbing, just like in their native habitat. They will climb the tree. Some philodendrons love bright sunlight; it helps them show color.

The price of philodendron starts at $20.


Piper parmatum for sale
Piper parmatum

Piper is a rare vine plant that can be found in tropical forests. Many of them have a small size that can be grown in pots. You can adopt these plants as houseplants. Piper can be decorative and used to cover walls because they are climbing plants.

Shipping piper plants needs to be careful because they are similar to alocasia, which can be melted during shipping internationally. We use a small amount of sphagnum moss on small pots and wrap them using mica plastic around the plants. Then we use thread to hold the plants from running around.


Scindapsus Tricolor for sale

Scindapsus is an aroid plant that is similar to pothos and philodendron. They can grow by climbing the wall, or you can hang them in the basket. They also have heart-shaped leaves with many color combinations and patterns.

You don’t need special treatment for the scindapsus; they can grow easily without the roots. It is prohibited to ship rooted scindapsus spp. to South Korea, but the cuttings can be shipped to the country.

If you want to have more, you can simply cut the plants and put them in the soil. They will grow new roots about 1–2 weeks after that.


Syngonium Pink Splash for sale
Syngonium Pink Splash

Many people love how Syngonium grows in their house because it can grow quickly and have a good pattern and color in its leaves. Even if you buy international, they can recover quickly. Just make sure that you put them in a high-humidity place.

Use moist soil and don’t overwater it. Sometimes, overwatering plants can attract the pest and cause root rot. After a few months, you can propagate them easily. You just need a cutting and to put the cutting into moist soil. They will grow so quickly.

These plants are safe for pet owners; they can’t hurt your pets.

Variegated plants

Rhaphidophora Foraminifera Variegated
Rhaphidophora foraminifera

Variegated plants in uncommon conditions where the leaves have a different color than usual plants. For example, Variegated Rhaphidophora foraminifera has a green color on the leaves, but the variegated forms of Rhaphidophora foraminifera have a white (to yellow) color on their leaves. This case is rare for some species, as it makes them difficult to find and the price is also extremely expensive. A Monstera variegata can be sold for more than a grand.

Variegated Fiddle Leaf Fig
Variegated Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you want to buy variegated plants, you need to be more aware of the seller. You need to read about how to avoid plant scams because some scammers pretend to sell variegated plants at a cheap price.

Rare Tropical Plants Online

You can buy tropical plants online from a legit seller such as We offer high quality plants that can be shipped worldwide with a free phytosanitary certificate. Be careful with sellers who don’t offer PayPal G&S as the payment method. You can be scammed by them.

Labijo is a plant exporter company from Indonesia. We offer many rare tropical plants online. We are also propagating the plants in our nursery. We can help you to get a phytosanitary certificate and ship with DHL if you want to get plants from your friend in Indonesia. The plants must be treated in our nursery with the standard procedure before shipping, and we will bring them to the quarantine department for inspection before shipping with DHL.

Buy Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegated
Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegated shipped to Thailand

If you are looking for tropical plants from Indonesia that are not listed in our shop, you can try to reach us by email. Sometimes we can help you get plants from our nursery partner.

You need to understand the risk of buying plants online. Plants are living things. Don’t expect to get fresh plants just like when you buy plants from your neighborhood. Because the living things can be stressed during shipping in the box for more than 2 days.

We always minimize the stress of plants during shipping, so they can arrive at your door safely. But customs handling is beyond our control. Sometimes they don’t handle the plants properly.

During a pandemic, in some countries, the customs spray the plants with disinfectant. After spraying, they put the plants in the box without drying them first. So the plants will die when they come into your house.

Tropical Plants at Wholesale Prices

Bunch of Anthurium Magnificum medium
Wholesale Anthurium Magnificum

If you want to start a plant shop business, you can start by buying wholesale rare tropical plants. We can be your supplier for rare tropical plants. We offer a wholesale price for your order of 10 pieces for each plant species. So you can get high-quality plants at an affordable price.

With a minimum order of 10 plants per plant, you can get a wholesale price. But we don’t guarantee it if the plants die during shipping. But it’s rarely happened. If plants you wants is not available in our website, you can ask us directly from the email


Where can I buy rare houseplants online?

You can buy rare houseplants online from legit seller like They offer high-quality rare plants with free phytosanitary certificate. Secure payment with PayPal G&S and they are experienced plants sellers more than 2 years.

Where is the rarest plant to grow?

Most of them grow from tropical area such as Indonesia, and Asia. Their natural habitat is in high-humidity places.


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