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Avoid Plant Scammers from Indonesia

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Be aware of plant shops from Indonesia. Many people have already contacted us and told us that they are being scammed by plant shops from Indonesia. We can’t do anything about that. But we hope this article will help you avoid plant scammers from Indonesia.

So here are the signs that you should look for when you deal with plant shops from Indonesia.

Learn about how to import plants.

You need to learn about how to import plants into your country before deciding to buy plants from Indonesia. It would help a lot. Because you can ask the seller about this process. They must know the general regulations for shipping plants abroad, such as phytosanitary certificates, 

You can read about how to import plants from Indonesia before buying from us.

Read the terms and conditions before

Every seller has terms and conditions for their product. You need to read every detail of the terms and conditions. About how they handle your order, their refund policy and many more. If you have some questions about buying plants, you can try to contact them first to make you feel comfortable buying plants.

Only use Paypal for goods and services.

Goods and service transactions with PayPal are extremely recommended! They offer buyer and seller protection. If the seller doesn’t ship the plants you ordered, you can make a dispute on PayPal and get your money back. Never use Western Union, Bank Transfer, or Wize to buy plants from strangers unless you believe in the seller or you have already purchased many times before.

We don’t accept other payment methods than PayPal for goods and services. A few weeks ago, some people wanted to buy from us with a transfer bank. Due to our experience, they use the transfer bank method only to get our data, which can be used for scamming other people After we sent an invoice with PayPal, there was no response from the seller. 

Be careful with the price.

Some deals are too good to be true, just like our promotional page. Some people think it’s a scam. It’s possible because we’re growing plants by ourselves. We have a lot of stock, so we can sell the best plant deal ever. But if they offer rare collections of plants like Monstera albo at a very cheap price, it is probably a scam.


You can check the plant shop’s official website. Does it look legit or not? Having a website is one of the things that shows that they run a plant shop professionally. If the plant shop only has a social media account, they don’t invest money in professional credibility.

Don’t be fooled by the number of social media followers. Some of the plant shop scammers buy followers to increase their credibility.

You can also read reviews about the plant shop on social media. But small plant shops and nurseries like Labijo don’t have a lot of reviews. We always suggest people buy a small quantity of plants before ordering a large quantity. 

Request for Verification

Request Verifications

If you are still not sure about them, you can try to request verification. Maybe you could take a photo with your request or, if possible, make a video call. A legit seller will be available for that simple request.

Buyers, beware of the plant shop scammers. Many of them only take pictures of random Instagram or Facebook pages and sell them on their pages. If they took photo from the internet, they can’t do your verification request. 

Or you have any tips to avoid plant shop scammers? You can write the comment below. It can help a lots people out there who looking for tips avoid being scammed.


Making sure that you can get your money back when you didn’t get your order is the best way to avoid being scammed. So you need to make sure that you get that protection. Only Paypal and Venmo have this feature, but unfortunately we don’t accept Venmo right now, so you can only use PayPal for payment in and money return guaranteed from paypal.


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