The Best Houseplants According to Your Zodiac

by maspan


Do you believe that your zodiac can tell what’s your best plant according to your astrological perspective? Astrology is the belief when stars, sun, and planets have helped to shape our personality that could influence our perspective on daily life. 

The right houseplant that matches your personality could improve your life in many ways. As the astrological traits and plant behaviour would match, they are Molly and Ammy from Booksmart. Let’s see what is the plant that is written on your stars with our telescope! 


piper violet borneo close up

Plant Match: Piper Violet Sp Borneo
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire

Aries usually are bold, ambitious, energetic people. Piper Violet Sp Borneo are the perfect combination since it is easy to take care of when aries have many daily activities in their life. Piper Violet Sp Borneo have deep purple foliage with red on their veins make them bold among houseplant. Piper Violet Sp Borneo likes indirect light with well drained soil to keep them thrive all year.


Rare Rhaphidophora Foraminifera is on limited stock
Rhaphidophora Foraminifera for sale

Plant Match: Rhaphidophora Foraminifera
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth

Taurus tend to be good at taking care of what they have, including the houseplant. Taurus folks are usually reliable, loving, and cautious. Taurus would be happy with Rhaphidophora Foraminifera, the plants who love special care. After Rhaphidophora Foraminifera arrived at their new house, that’s the most critical time for them to adapt. With cautiousness in their vein, taurus will love caring Rhaphidophora Foraminifera with all of their heart.


Buy Calathea Fusion White
Calathea Fusion White for sale

Plant Match: Calathea Fusion White
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air

Gemini is known as charismatic and super entertaining. Gemini would match with Calathea Fusion White because the plants have charismatic aura that align with their soul. Calathea fusion white has green and white color on their foliage that will catch everyone’s heart. They also love to dance, blooming during the day and curling during the night. 


Philodendron Martianum for sale
Philodendron Martianum for sale

Plant Match: Philodendron Martianum
Planet: The Moon
Element: Water

Cancer friends are people who are sensitive, protective, and thoughtful. When they are madly in love, they would do anything to make it happen. That’s why cancer would be fit with Philodendron Martianum because the plants need water regularly to keep their thick petiole in their best shape. With a thoughtful personality and knowing the water needs for the plants, watering Philodendron Martianum will always be on time and keep the plants healthy as ever.


Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated King Large for sale
Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegata King (Large) for sale

Plant: Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegata King (Large)
Planet: The Sun
Element: Fire

Leo is a friend who is proud, loyal, and loves being the center of attention. This kind personality is matched with Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegata King (Large). When the plant can grow huge, they are the king of the house. Some people also use them as plant statements. Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegata King (Large) is a tropical plant with giant foliage that loves humidity and. 


Piper Porphyrophyllum for sale
Piper Porphyrophyllum for sale

Plant: Piper Porphyrophyllum
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth

Virgo tends to be practical and organized. They want to be perfect but also they want to improve their soul consistency. Plants like Piper Porphyrophyllum would be a match for them because virgo consistency of water could help the plants thrive beautifully. Piper Porphyrophyllum are native to thailand to Malesia with a semi-shade place to grow like in the forest. 


Rhaphidophora Cryptantha for sale
Rhaphidophora Cryptantha for sale

Plant: Rhaphidophora Cryptantha
Planet: Venus
Element: Air

Libra with scales as their symbol, represents balance. Libra is also known as affectionate and very empathic. As they love balancing in life, Rhaphidophora Cryptantha is their best friend. The shingling plant always grows on their potential on the flat surface with overlapping on each foliage. Rhaphidophora Cryptantha is a tropical plant who loves shade and well-draining rich soil.


Philodendron Mexicanum for sale
Philodendron Mexicanum for sale

Plant: Philodendron Mexicanum
Planet: Pluto
Element: Water

Scorpio is passionate and secretive people. They are also known as people who seem tough but soft-hearted inside. It means that they love secrets or mysteries. Philodendron Mexicanum would be best for scorpion because these plants have maroon color that is hidden under the foliage. Philodendron Mexicanum is easy to take care of and they love moderate watering. 


Syngonium Mojito
Syngonium Mojito for sale

Plant: Syngonium Mojito
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire

Sagittarius tends to be creative and adventurous. For sagittarius friends, Syngonium Mojito is best. Syngonium Mojito has splashed deep green on each light lime foliage. With arrow-head shaped foliage, they can be put on any room to bring sweet vibes. They are easy to take care of since they don’t need much fertilizer. They will survive in indirect sunlight with high humidity.


Philodendron Golden Dragon for sale
Alocasia Dragon Scale for sale

Plant: Alocasia Dragon Scale
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth

Capricorns known as independent and ambitious people. They love stability and can be sensitive over something that really matters to them. Alocasia Dragon Scale could be best fit for capricorn because their foliage imitate scales of dragon that also symbolize ambition in Chinese mythology. Alocasia Dragon Scale loves high humidity and moist, well-drained soil.


Philodendron Scadens Micans
Philodendron Scandens Micans for sale

Plants: Philodendron Scandens Micans
Planet: Uranus
Element: Air

Aquarius is easy to spot on as tolerant and generous people. They are also good listeners and love to observe something deeply. For those traits, Philodendron Scandens Micans pair well. Philodendron Scandens Micans have heart-shaped foliage that reflects on the generous trait. Philodendron Scandens Micans are originally from Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, and part of Antilles. The plants love 65-75F and bright indirect lights to keep them growing. Philodendron Scandens Micans doesn’t need fertilizer when they have nutritious and well drained soil. Aquarius friends as good observers will know what their plants need.


epipremnum amplissimum variegated for sale
Epipremnum Amplissimum Variegated for sale

Plants: Epipremnum Amplissimum Variegated
Planet: Neptune
Element: Water

Pisces is a person who could adapt easily and imaginatively. Pisces would be fit with Epipremnum Amplissimum Variegated. These plants are one of the plants that are highly adaptable with any humidity. They are originally from Australia and part of New Guinea in rain forest. Epipremnum Amplissimum Variegated loves water and that pisces element makes them best friends ever. Variegated on the long foliage could make strong and nice decorative pieces in any room.

Choosing plants based on astrology can be right or wrong but it’s fun to get new ideas about what plants need to be on your shopping list on your reliable nursery. Whether what is your zodiac, any houseplants would be forever in your heart, right?


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