Sonerila Green Dot

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The Sonerila genus, which belongs to the Melastomataceae family, is distinguished by its three-petaled flowers. This is notably distinct, especially when you consider that the majority of the family members typically possess five petals. Only a few other genera, such as Stussenia and Lithobium, share this tri-petalous trait

Sonerila plants show a preference for the shadows. They thrive in shady environments, a likely reason for their choice of residence in forests and under-canopies. This predilection to low-light conditions makes them fascinating subjects for botanists and plant enthusiasts alike.

In terms of scale, Sonerila is not a small genus. Boasting around 175 species, it showcases a significant range within its category. Geographically, its presence is felt most strongly in Asia. Specifically, it is primarily found in tropical and subtropical regions of this continent, giving it a distinctly Asiatic identity.

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The Sonerila Green Dot boasts a captivating leaf design. The margins of its leaves are adorned with a soft, pale green while the central portion is dominated by a deep green hue intertwined with a rich maroon near the leaf veins. You also can check sonerila purple dot that available in our jungle plants collection.

Additionally, its leaves are speckled with distinctive white dots, accompanied by fine hairs, adding further allure to its appearance. This striking combination makes the Sonerila Green Dot a sought-after plant among enthusiasts.

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Jungle Plant Sonerila Green Dot
Sonerila Green Dot
Original price was: $29.Current price is: $15.
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