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Rare Rhaphidophora for Urban Jungle

by maspan


Rhaphidophora is one of the genus that starts to gain popularity for its beauty. They are famous for their green lush color which resembles freshness and tropical vibes. Rhaphidophora is rare house plants originally occurring from tropical Africa eastwards through Malesia and Australasia to the Western Pacific.

Unfortunately taking care of Rhaphidophora is best for advanced houseplant parents since some of Rhaphidophora needed extra care. From water, lighting, soil, to temperature is needed to adjust carefully.

In this article, we will show you some rare Rhaphidophora that perfect for your apartment and grow your urban jungle.

Rhaphidophora Angustata

Rhaphidophora Angustata for sale

With a long lush green appearance, Rhapidhopora Angustata is a real beauty. They originally from Sumatra and the peninsula of Malaysia. In their original habitat, they love to climb up on the big trees at high altitudes area. Their mature leaves could be one meter long. Rhaphidophora Angustata is one of the easiest Rhaphidophora to grow and they thrive in shady conditions.

This rare plant needs moist soil with good aeration with the shaded environment for them. This makes this species perfect as patio gardeners because they need low light levels and plenty of water (so keep them near that overgrown potted tree). In their natural habitat, these plants climb on trees but you don’t have a big house? Just put it on your porch or balcony.

rhaphidophora angustata is easy to propagate by seed, cuttings, or division. They should be planted after the soil has warmed up for planting delicate plants like Rhapidhopora Angustata.

Rhaphidophora Cryptantha

Rhaphidophora Cryptantha for sale

Rhapidhophora Cryptantha is one of the beautiful single plants. They are native to New Guinea Their deep silver lining veins on dark green leaves are their main characteristic that easy to spot. Another distinct character is their leaves are tight to each other and almost look mirroring. Rhaphidophora Cryptantha is also easy to propagate by seed, cuttings, or division.

They thrive best in semi-dry conditions with a flat surface like a wooden board or walls. If you’re renting an apartment keep in mind that their roots might make holes into your walls so it’s good to prepare a surface where they could climb onto.

Maintain Rhapidhophora Cryptantha is quite easy since they are pest resistant. They love moist soil with good aeration and a high humidity environment. Indirect sunlight is best to avoid any sunburn damage on their foliage.

Rhaphidophora Foraminifera

Rhaphidophora foraminifera

Rhaphidophora Foraminifera is originally from Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and parts of India. It has a short stout stem with long strap-like leaves that are green on top but silver underneath due to its natural water droplets condensing along the underside. Their mature leaves could grow up to 100cm.

What makes Rhaphidophora Foraminifera is the holes that appear on the midrib on their mature leaves. During the young stage, the holes don’t really appear. In some cases, their mature leaves also don’t show holes when they don’t go climb up. So, the climbing pole really helps Rhaphidophora Foraminifera’s growth.

Unlike other Rhaphidophora, this plant does not need as much humidity since it will do well under moderate light conditions. Their biggest threat is bug such as grasshoppers or caterpillars since their leaves considered delicious for them.

When you get Rhaphidophora Foraminifera and start taking care of it, patience is the key since they are slow growers.

Rhaphidophora Tenuis

Rare Rhaphidophora tenuis

Rhaphidophora Tenuis is an extremely rare and unique plant. This plant can grow up to three feet high and it has a slender, tough stem-like, and loves to climb up like other Rhaphidophora plants. In the mature stage, some of Rhaphidophora Tenuis even look like a palm plants family. Rhaphidophora Tenuis is native to Borneo.

Generally, they love moist soil with indirect light. Rhaphidophora Tenuis is pest resistant in the first place but they can be hard to maintain in the new environtment. From water, temperature, humidity could affect them a lot as their growth.

Rhaphidophora Tenuis is another slow grower in the Rhaphidophora family. We consider people who could take care of them are advanced gardeners since Rhaphidophora Tenuis are highly sensitive.

Rhaphidophora indeed pretty and rare that could steal any heart who visits your urban jungle. You can get Rhaphidophora in our shop or you can send us an email to get specific Rhaphidophora, we would love to help you to find your dream Rhaphidophora. You can also check our instagram to get new rhapidopora in our nursery.


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