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Water Propagation, Easiest Way To Get Root on Plants!

by maspan


Water propagation is a simple way to propagate new plants. You can also can use it to recover plants after shipping. On this post we want to share about how to do water propagation in our nursery.

We also recommend this way to some of our customer when they want recover plants after getting the plants from us.

Buy plants from Indonesia is easy, you can do it with few clicks on website. For many country, you don’t need to do anything. Just wait the plants come to your house.

What is Water Propagation?

Do you ever know about water propagation? Water propagation is a Water propagation is a plant propagation technique with with water. Usually you only need to put plants into water. This is easy isn’t it?

If you want to use water propagation for a long time, you also need to provide nutrition to the plants because water don’t have enough nutrition that the plants need. Just like people who do hydroponics.

This is why we recommend doing water propagation for recover plants after shipping. After the plants recover from stress, you can put it back in soil and let them grow in your house!

Water propagation is only for temporary to help plants survive from stress and grow new root. Because in water, they can grow root effortlessly.

Which Plants can be Propagated from Cuttings in Water?

Which plants can be propagated with this way? Almost all aroid plants can propagate in water, such as:

Today, we will show you how we propagate Aglaonema pictum tricolor in our nursery. If you don’t have pictum tricolor, .

Let’s get started

Water propagation is easy. You only need to maintain the water. Change the water about once a week. Usually we do water propagation around 2–3 weeks. After that, we put the plant in the soil and let it grow.

  • Clean The Root

    Clean the root

    After you getting your plants, you need to clean the root from any media during shipping. In Labijo, usually we using sphagnum moss for the shipping, but in some country like UK and Canada we use tissue. Because sphagnum moss prohibited to enter. We also using tissue when ship Alocasia Machroriza to Thailand.

  • Put Plant to Fungicide

    Put Plant Into Fungicide

    Mix water with the fungicide then put the plants into mixed water with fungicide. You only need to put the root into the mixed water about 2 – 3 minutes.

  • Put Plant into Water

    Put Plant in Water Propagation

    After getting fungicide, put the plant into glass (we use plastic) with fresh water. You need to change the water every 3 – 5 days depends the water condition. Then wait the roots to grow. Put the plant in bright place with indirect lighting.

  • Put Plant in Soil

    Put Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor into soil

    After the root grows, around 3 inch, you can put the plants into soil.


  • Fungicide (optional)


  • Container, we prefer using plastic / glass container. It help us to keep watching the color of water in container. So we can know when we need to change the water.

Materials: Water. Usually we mix water with fungicide before plant into soil. It's to prevent the root rotten.

Video Tutorial


How long does water propagation take?

Depends on the plants. For the alocasia, you only need about a week to make the root grow. On this post we use aglaonema pictum tricolor, they need around 2 – 3 weeks to grow new root.

How often to change water propagation?

Depends on the water conditions, usually you need to change the water around 3 – 5 days. This is why we prefer to use clear container to easier watch the water conditions.

What water to use for propagation?

Usually we use rain water to water propagation, but you also can use tap water for the propagation. They also work fine.

When to transfer water propagation to soil?

When the root grow over 5 cm, you can transfer plant into soil.

Why are my cuttings rotting in water?

Usually the water have bacteria, they can make your plant rotting. This is why you need to change the water periodically.

Why you use fungicide?

Fungicide can prevent the root rotting. It’s optional. We do this for

If you have any question about how to propagate with water, you can drop your comment below. We will try to help you fix the problem about water propagation


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