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Tropical Fruit Trees and Seeds Supplier

Labijo offers high-quality tropical fruit trees, grafting trees, and fresh seed fruit for shipping worldwide. We have permit to exporting fruit tree and fruit seeds

Every single seed and fruit tree at Labijo is handpicked. This isn’t a random process. It’s done with dedication, care, and a deep-rooted understanding of what nature has to offer.

Working hand-in-hand with farmers and the community, we prioritize sustainable farming. This means a healthier planet and better growth for every tree and seed.

Sending live plants across the world can be tricky. But with over four years of experience, we have mastered the art.

Experienced plant exporter from Indonesia

A free phytosanitary certificate for all order

A reliable partner for plant and trees online shops across the globe

Regularly inspected by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Quarantine

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Tropical Fruit Trees from Local Community

Tropical Fruit Trees from Local Community

We partner with local environmental communities, driven by a vision of a thriving Blitar by 2030. Our initiatives include tree and fruit planting in protected forests, along river streams, and at

spring sources, especially in areas undergoing significant functional changes. In addition, we offer conservation education for students and the community in our area.

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Available Fruit Trees and Seeds

Below is a list of a few tropical fruit trees cultivated by our farmers. However, this isn’t an exhaustive list, as many other fruit trees come from our network of collaborative farmers. We only ship fruit trees and seed, not the fruit.

If you can’t find the fruit seed you’re looking for, please contact us with the name of the desired seed and its quantity. We’ll do our best to source it from our extensive farmer network.

The image below is a photo of a fruit for reference purposes only. So you know what to expect about the fruit



Black Sapote

black sapote


Durian Fruit






mulberry fruit


rambutan fruit

Sawo / Sapodilla

Sapodilla Sawo Zapota

Wholesale Tropical Fruit Trees

At Labijo, we are dedicated to the wholesale of top-tier tropical fruit trees seeds and saplings.

By collaborating with local farmers and communities, we not only bolster local agriculture but also ensure each seed and sapling stands as a testament to premium quality.

Our selection process at Labijo is never arbitrary. With a profound respect for nature and its bounty, each seed and sapling is hand-selected. Our partnership with local farmers is steeped in sustainable principles, championing both ecological health and the growth potential of each tree.

By choosing Labijo, you’re not merely acquiring tropical tree seeds; you’re supporting a thriving local ecosystem and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Experience the genuine essence of the tropics, deeply rooted in community collaboration and environmental stewardship

Partnership Local Community
Any Questions?

Frequently Asked Question

If you have any questions about wholesale tropical fruit trees and seeds, feel free to contact us. Here are some frequently asked question about ordering wholesale

Of course we will send the plants after all the requirements are met (export document and phytosanitary certificate).

Plants will be shipped after all documents are ready, around 2–3 weeks after processing your order. It depends on how long the document processing by the Ministry of Agriculture takes.

We also need time to propagate the plants into new shipping media (if the stock of trees is limited). Usually, it takes about 3 weeks to propagate the tree before shipping.

Shipping cost depend on your order, we can calculate shipping after get the list plants from you. If you choose air cargo for shipping, we need to get your name, address, email and phone number to get quotation from airline. It tooks about 2-3 days.

Can I pay with PayPal?

For the wholesale, we only accept wire transfer. If you want to pay with PayPal, we have some adjustment price for the PayPal Fee and rate

Yep! We offer a replacement or discounted price on the next order. If you buy 100 plants and 5 of them die, you can choose between a discount price or a replacement on your next order.

Of course, you can contact our customer service. We will help you get the plants you want.

If the plants are out of stock, we need 3–4 weeks to propagate new plants before they are ready to ship. All plants we shipped were fully rooted, except if you requested cutting plants.

If you choose to ship via air cargo, it usually takes 2-4 days. It also depends on the flight schedule in your area. We will adjust the shipping to minimize transit delays.

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