Syngonium Indoor Houseplant Care


by maspan


Syngonium is an arrowhead vine that easy to maintenace. It is native to tropical rain forests in southern Mexico, the West Indies, Central, and South America. It is growing wider and they are common to find in other warmer countries.

Syngonium is plants that underrated to talk about in the houseplant community even they are attractive indoor houseplants. Maybe it because they can be poisonous to the cat or not pet-friendly when it ingested.

Growing Conditions for Indoor Syngonium

Having healthy indoor syngonium is possible when we give keep on eye on some factors for their growing conditions such as

  • Lighting: The bright indirect sun is best for them. Putting them in a shaded area is also fine too for them.
  • Watering: You can watering them once a week to maintain their humidity. During the winter, you could use less water but avoid them to be dry out.
  • Soil: Mixed soils with bark is fine. Keep the soil moist all the time in a well-drained pot.
  • Temperature: Syngonium or Arrowhead vine loves warm and humid conditions. Maintain your place at 70F or 21° or above is fine for them.

Repotting Indoor Syngonium

Repotting indoor syngonium is easy. Once your package arrives, you can propagate them with clean water for 4-5 days and indirect sunlight. When the roots is fine, you can put them in a pot.

They can easily grow, especially during summer. When they start to grow slowly, it means that you need a bigger pot. The size of your pot depends on your preferences. If you want them trailing, you can use a smaller pot.

Species Indoor Syngonium

They most syngonium have green and white colors but some also have dark red and almost fully white leaves. Here are some rare Syngonium species

Syngonium Albo

Syngonium Albo from Indonesia

Syngonium Albo is an arrowhead plant who have marbled white and green color on their leaves. They will look pretty when you leave them hanging in the basket. What makes them even more special when they have completely white leaves.

Syngonium Mojito

Syngonium Mojito

What makes Sygonium different is their white freckles on the deep green leaves. They also called mottled since their spotted white color.

Syngonium Variegated Three King

Syngonium Three King close up pattern

Syngonium Variegated Three King is one of rare syngonium. It almost same with Syngonium albo but three king is not possible the fully white leaves.

Syngonium Wendlandii

Beautiful Syngonium wendlandii

Syngonium Wendlandii has a dark green color with silver veinings on its leaves. That feature is the one that can help us easily to spot them.


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