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Must-Have Hoya in Your Plant Collections

by maspan


If you are looking for Hoya, you will find hundreds of hoya varieties around the globe. It is overwhelming but you can pick the most famous Hoya that everyone loves.

In this article, we will show you must have Hoya that can make your house lively and smell nicer!

Hoya Sulawesiana Red 

Hoya Sulawesiana red for sale

Hoya Sulawesiana Red is native to Sulawesi, Indonesia. They used to live in areas with high humidity, under the big trees, and vining the trees to thrive. For your home, you can keep them with moss and little soil as their base grows roots. 

Hoya Sulawesiana Red is named after their burgundy red foliage color. Their foliage is quite thick with long shaped and pointy at the other side. Once they bloom, you will find hairy petals with small glossy ‘flowers’ in the center. The color would be red and purple-ish.

Hoya Imbricata Green & Hoya Imbricata Purple

If you are looking for Hoya with a unique shape, you should take a look at Hoya Imbricata Green or Hoya Imbricata Purple. Their unusual dome shaped foliage has green and purple pattern splash.

They are native to the Philippines and some parts of Borneo. Originally they stay in the high humidity forest at medium altitude. They grow super slow with 7-12 in diameter for each foliage. The young foliage will start green and glossy and become matte as they mature. While Hoya Imbricata Purple is the one who has more purple coloration all over the plants.

Their flowers are small white petals with long stems. To reach this stage, it would take a long time since the plants themselves will grow slowly.

Hoya Imbricata Green and Hoya Imbricata Purple can easily be taken care of when you have a lot of patience. 

Hoya Purpureofusca

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One Indonesian Hoya that is easy to take care of is Hoya Purpureofusca. Coming from a middle altitude and humidity of around 50%-60%, this hoya is perfect for beginners. Bonus point since hoya is pest resistant, their personal traits so you don’t have to worry about them.

Hoya Purpureofusca will likely have moderate water portions, not too long nor too dry between each watering time with super light fertilizer. Their lighting needs bright indirect lighting like under big trees in the forest, where their natural habitat is. 

Hoya Rindu Rafflesia

Hoya Rindu Rafflesia for sale

Hoya Rindu Rafflesia is named after the regions where Rafflesia flowers can be found. It is an area in Sumatra island, Indonesia. They are easy to find vining around in the other plants in the jungle.

Their long thin foliage can grow up to 7-9cm long. Since they can’t hold water a lot, their watering needs are more than Hoya Rindu Raflesia. But you don’t need to worry since their care is similar to most hoya.

Their flower has ivory white coloration with slightly higher yellow saturation in the center. The flower itself is ‘stacked’ on the glossy star-shaped flowers with the same color as the main flowers. Hoya Rindu Rafflesia has cinnamon and a bit of lemon on their scent. 

Hoya Sp Mamasa

Hoya Sp Mamasa for sale

Hoya Sp Mamasa is native to Sulawesi forest in Indonesia who has green foliage as the main color and purple-ish coloration on the edge of foliage. Since they don’t need specific care means they are perfect for beginners plant parents. 

In general, Hoya Sp Mamasa can stay in bright indirect areas with moderate watering needs. Their propagation only needs one petiole to stay in the water for 5-14 days until the new roots grow.

Hoya Sp Mamasa’s flower is one of the prettiest since it has white flowers with purple like their foliage at the center of flower buds. Their small flowers come in a group that will make it look like a mini bouquet.

Get your Hoya today, you will love them 🙂


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