Indoor Plant to Brighten Your Workspace

by maspan


When you have most of the working-from-home year, you will know that you feel you want some changes in your workspace. Mundane tasks from the office can be super boring and you can cure your boredom with some decoration.

You can add some plants as part of your decor. Since it will brighten your room and some of them can be natural filtration air. Even if you are a beginner or pro planter, you can always have a good plant to start in your workspace.

In this article, we will talk about indoor plants that be your bestfriend n workplace.  


Rare and healthy Pothos N’Joy

Photos are one friendliest beginner because it is easy to maintain. It is one of the trailing plants. You can water it between 1-2 weeks depending on the humidity and the amount of lights in your place. The bonus point is, they will be fine to put in a vase along with other flowers and greenery on your dinner table. The photos can be good as air filter pollutants such as xylene and benzene in big cities. 

You can find the photos here


Philodendron Scadens Micans

Another trailing plant that you can adopt in your workspace is the philodendron. What makes it different is they can grow fast. Philodendron comes from a tropical country, so it brings your summer vibes to your desk. Philodendrons have many varieties based on their texture, shape, and size. In general, uou can water them once a week.

To find what suits you the most, you can find it here

Zamia Zamiifolia or ZZ

zz plants

If you are looking for a plant with thick and waxy leaves, Zamia Zamiifolia could be your choice. Zamia Zamiifolia or The ZZ is one of the most sturdy since they could live in low or high lighting. Even if you have one small stem, they will grow bigger. When you want to be different, you can have ZZ Variegated.


Buy Calathea Fusion White

One of the most varied and wide range indoor plants is Calathea. The leaves have varied shapes with variegated patterns like Calathea Fusion White. They need only low to medium light and easily to maintain. Calathea is also a pet-friendly plant that you can find.  


monstera acuminata for sale

Monstera is one of the remarkable plants that have strong tropical vibes since their leaves have holes and gaps. No wonder they are even called “Swiss Cheese Plant”. We also can easily find these typical leaves in summer prints collection anywhere. But monstera is more than that, one of their varieties is leaves with holes without gaping like Monstera Acuminata Monstera doesn’t like direct sun to make them grow healthy. You can water them in once a week.


Anthurium Magnificum

Anthurium is one of the most impressive plants that have many varieties. One of them is Anthurium Magnificum King Size that has enormous leaves or as tiny as Anthurium Crystallinum that can stay in the corner of your room. You can water them once or twice a week and they can live in medium light. 

What plant on your current desk? Write in the comment section below to share with others.

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