How to Take Care of Indoor Houseplant Effectively

by maspan


Taking care of indoor houseplant could be challenging if you are not really the expert. But hey, everyone starts from the beginning, right? Don’t worry we were on your back. In this article, we will talk about how to take care of indoor houseplants. Here’s how:

Knowing the Nature of Your Indoor Houseplant

Variety of Indoor plants that suits you

Before you start taking care of a houseplant, it’s important to get to know the characteristic of your houseplant. All plants are lovely but not equal. You should dig deeper into your research to know and provide the best for them..


Indoor plant needs good lighting to grow

Good lighting can help your indoor houseplants grow healthier. When you know your plant nature, you can set how much they need lights and how long you will let them get the lights. Since they are indoor houseplants, don’t put them to get direct sunlight because the direct sunlight could ‘burn’ the leaves.

The safest place to get your indoor houseplants the lights, place by the window. Considering it will be the only one-sided of the sun, you have to turn the plants around to make sure all the sides get the sunlight evenly. If you living in a place that doesn’t have enough sunlight (or maybe during winter), you can provide artificial light such as LED Plant Growths.

You can pick Pothos N’Joy if you have medium lighting in your place.


Watering your plant correctly

Watering your indoor houseplant is important. You can water them as much as their nature need. Plant such as Monstera Acuminata is one of the plant that will be fine when you watering it once a week.

Usually, we know how much water they need as long the soil is quite moist. Too much watering will make the soil be soggy and it will make their plants getting yellow. You also need to make sure that your pot has some holes at the bottom to prevent rotten rot because of too much water inside the pot.

Even we know our plant’s nature of their water consumption, it still could be higher or lower. It depends on some factors such as new leaves, change of the weather, humidity drop, and light intensity. Lower light would likely need less water since they can’t actively photosynthesis.

Always use water at room temperature. Too cold or too hot water will damage your plants, especially the cold water will shock the plant.

Provide Good Growing Media

Make a mixed media for your plant

Most of the indoor houseplants are from tropical areas. In that case, tropical houseplant needs a certain type of soil. You can also provide growing media such as chopped ferns, coconut fiber, husks, and dried bark to add more nutrition to the plant.

The composition of media can be vary. There’s no fix formulation what is best compositions. It all depends on your plants needs and your media quality as well. Get dirty and experimental with your plants.

Humidity and Temperature

The temperature and humidity is important to healthy plants

Humidity has a big impact on your indoor houseplants. If you have an indoor houseplant that has tropical nature, try to maintain above 40% humidity. It will help them grow better. Plants like Philodendron Mexicanum is one of the plants that like a humid environment.

In general, temperature for your indoor planthouse is better when it warm. If you could make it 24° or room temperature, will be fine.

Do you have more personal tips to take care indoor houseplants? You can add in our comment section.


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