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How to Growing of Syngonium

by maspan


Taking care of arrowhead plants or known as syngonium is important when you want to buy syngonium. The syngonium species have more than 30 with their variegation. From blush and plain green to pink splash. All of them are lovely.

As they grow healthy, they could vining on any surface. If you want them climbing high, you can use the pole or trails as help. Or you can put them in a hanging basket on your balcony.

So how to take care of syngonium to help them grow healthy?

Taking Care of Syngonium

Syngonium Rayii


Syngonium loves well-draining mix soil. Any kind of houseplant soil will be fine for them as long as they have airy spaces, not too solid. In our nursery, we  also use some sand and charcoal to make the mix more airy.


Syngonium has the best time when they stay in a bright indirect environment. If they were placed in direct sunlight, the sun could burn their foliage. If you have syngonium with variegation, they could be more sensitive to the light, so keep an eye to see how much light they need.


Syngonium tends to have more water than other houseplants, so keep the soil moist all the time. Don’t let the soil soggy, it will cause the plant to rot. During summer you can water them 2-3 times a week.


Since syngonium comes from tropical places, they would like to stay in places with tropical temperature between 60 to 75°F (15 – 24°C). They could stay in slightly lower temperature but don’t let them too long otherwise it would start to freeze and die.


High humidity is best for syngonium. You can mist around the plants to keep their surroundings moist especially if you live in a dry area.


Fertilizer could help them to grow healthy and bigger foliage. Look at your fertilizer description and use a really small amount since syngonium could be sensitive about your fertilizer. When winter comes, you need to hold the fertilizer to prevent their stress.


Propagation syngonium is easy. You can just cut the nodes and let them sit in the water until they have more roots before putting them in the pot. Propagation season during spring and  summer is the best season since the success rate is higher.

Syngonium Plants Care Tips

Syngonium Three King

Any kind of syngonium you have, these simple tips that you could do instantly. Here is some Syngonium care tips to any syngonium varieties:

  • Keep the soil moist.
    Don’t let them totally dry otherwise they will stunt. As mentioned earlier that they prefer more water, water can help them grow faster.
  • Syngonium is not pet friendly.
    Keep them away from your pet since the sap can be poisonous. Their sap could lead to irritation, swollen throat, and even burn feeling inside the body. For some people who are highly sensitive, their sap could make your skin feel itchy and burn.
  • Use the trellis or moss pole.

Let your syngonium climb up and have bigger foliage. In their nature, they usually climb up to the bigger tree and reach higher really fast. This is optional if you want to let them in a hanging basket. 

Common Syngonium Problems

Syngonium Mojito

Yellowing Leaves

When you find yellow leaves on your syngonium means that water is the problem. It could be overwatering or underwatering.

You can check with a wooden chopstick and put them on the soil. If the chopstick is wet easily, that would be you are overwatering. Or simply use a moisture meter to check the water amount precisely. 

Brown Leaves

Browning leaves means your syngonium is underwatering for long periods. Other reasons could be the environment is too dry, needs more humidity. 

To tackle this problem, you give them more water and mist around your plants to raise the humidity. When the new leaves start to grow, you can start to cut brown leaves. 

Pale Leaves

When your syngonium has too much light (either sunlight or artificial light), they tend to have pale light. The amount of light can impact their color significantly. If you want to have dark deep green on your syngonium wedlandlii, let them stay in a shady place. 

Dropping Leaves

Dropping leaves mostly happens when syngonium is underwater. They love water so much so when they are thirsty too long, they start to drop the leaves to use less water. 

The solution for this case, water them more often and give extra attention to their water needs.

Syngonium Albo for sale

Syngonium are mingled buddies, they are easy to take care of and could grow fast. They are best for any beginner or advanced plant parent. You can even let them stay in the water to make them grow.


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