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Guide 101: How to Take Care Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated

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Known as Peace Lilly Variegated, they are pretty plants with flowers when they at the mature stage. These plants are easy to take care of, perfect for any beginner.

If you don’t feel confident about your planting skill, Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated is the best plant to start. 

The first step to being a successful plant parent of Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated is knowing what they need and what they like. Once your Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated arrived, you can clear all the spaghnum moss and carefully to avoid any harm to the roots. 

After all the roots clean, you can put them in their new pot. They will give you some 

General Care Tips for Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated

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Pot & Soil

Pick the right pot for your plant is important. For safe options, always choose the ones with drainage holes. It will help water going out if there’s too much water and avoid the rotten roots. Which pot is best? Depends on your home decoration to make it blend.

The airy mix media is the best. Soil with dense and solid ones for gardening is their least favorite. With airy media, it will help the roots grow and breathe better.


Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated would likely stay between 24-36°C or 75-96F. When the winter hits and the temperature around your place dropped, you can put the plants around the heater but not too long nor too close to prevent drying out.


Watering your Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated is mandatory since they love moist soil. In most cases, you can water them twice to thrice during the normal to hot days. If you use a terracotta pot, you can go more frequently since the pot has pores and evaporates water faster than a regular pot.

The best water is rainwater or distilled ones. It has less chemicals and residue that can lead to water spots marks on your plant foliage. The best to avoid water spots is use the watering can directly to the soil, not the foliage. 


If you are still working from home, you can do small observations for lights in your room. Where it has the best and stable lighting and whatnot. Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated love bright indirect light like put at the sill of the window. It means it feels that you stay under the shady tree. 

In case you have dark days like winter, an additional light like a UV filter can help out. Please choose one that not too strong for your plant. You can keep the light in for 12 hours/day for mimicking light in tropical areas.


Coming from a tropical area means Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated would enjoy the high humidity at most. Controlling humidity in your home can be easy as one two three.

The first option, use water spray. You can try to spray some water around the plants. As the water evaporated, it will increase the humidity around them. 

The second option, use a plastic bag. After you water your plant, you can wrap them in a plastic bag to make an ‘air-centered’ area. As the Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated breathe, the humidity will be higher. It is safe to let them in a plastic bag for one week or more.

The plastic bag method usually works for plants that just arrived from the trip to our nursery. It will help them to get rest and adjust the humidity in the new place.

How to Take Care Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated after Shipping

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For some Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated, the shipping process can be challenging even when they have healthy roots and pest-free during the inspection for the phytosanitary certificate. Worry not, you can still do rehab the plants and make them grow healthy.

Yellow Leaves

This is the most common case during shipping. Since the plant can’t have enough lights and hydrated well during shipping, the leaves can start to yellow. You can clean their roots and cut the yellow leaves.

Root Rot

For Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated, getting root rot is possible even just a small chance. If it happens, you can remove as much as possible the root rot and let the healthy roots stay. It will help stimulates the new roots. If all the roots are rotten, they totally can’t be helped. We have guaranteed to send new plants for free if it happens from our nursery.

Turn to Black

This is the rarest and extreme case ever in our nursery. The plants turn black and dead. It could be because of the feel extreme climate during the shipping. If it happens after you buy from Labijo, you can reach us here and we will send you new plants for free.

Are you more confident in taking care of Spathiphyllum Peace Variegated? Find them here. If you still have some questions, why you don’t ask us here


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