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Grow and Care Dischidia Major

by maspan


If you are an avid plant parent who wants to try something new, Dischidia Major could be the best option. 

Dischidia Major is known as rattle skull or banana hoya since it looks like a bunch of bananas. It is also known as an ants plant since they are empty inside. Thus, make the ants use the spaces as their free nest. When you find it in the jungle, mostly you will meet a lot of ants as well.

Dischidia Major is native to Southeast Asia where you can easily spot it in the jungle, trailing on the big trees. Due to this behavior, Dischidia Major is could be categorized as Epiphytic plants which plants that live on the other plant. No need for any oil for them naturally.

We would say, Dischidia Major is a tricky plant to take care of. It is manage-able with extra attention and care. Thus, this plant is more suitable for people who already have experience, especially with air plants or Epiphytic plants.

If you want to adopt Dischidia Major, Let’s dig into how to take care of them!


Due to their natural habitat where they mostly grow under big trees, Dischidia Major would likely stay with bright indirect lighting. When your Dischidia Major gets the bright direct sun, they tend to become yellow and turn to brown as a sign to get burnt.

If you use artificial lighting like a grow lamp, you can set a timer for 10-12 hours of lighting to mimic normal daylight in Southeast Asia where they have stable bright days between 10-12hours/day all the year along.

Media Mix

Looking at their habitat, Dischidia is staying vining around the big tree. They don’t need any soil to survive. They just attach their roots around the woods. In our nursery, we use sphagnum moss to hold little water after watering.

You can also use any media that have good aeration and does not hold water too much such as coconut husks, pakis lempeng, or charcoal for orchids usually use. Find the ones nearest and affordable to you.


Dischidia Major rotten
Dischidia Major rotten because of too much water.

Watering Dischidia Major is somewhat tricky than other plants. Since they don’t use soil to hold the water, we tend to overwater them because we feel they will get thirsty easier. Hold on, actually, they are quite sensitive to water. Over-watering could make them rot with dark coloration.

You know they need more water when they start to soften when you pinch them. When they feel firm and hard when you pinch, it means they have enough water. So, you know their water needs. 

You can use a soft sprayer to water Dischidia Major. With smaller particles of water, it will be easier to reach their main core where water will absorb efficiently.

Fertilizer & Pests

In general, Dischidia Major doesn’t need much fertilizer since they can’t hold too much water. But if you want to try fertilizer or even antifungals to prevent fungi attack, try to use a really small amount first in a small area. Let’s see if your plants are sensitive or not.

Since Dichidia Major is known as an ants nest, it is better to prevent ants from staying in your plant. You can draw an area with chalk for ants. It will help a lot more than you might think. 


High humidity is a must for Dischidia Major. According to their original habitat where they come from, in general, they will require at least 50% humidity. If you set humidity below that, your Dischidia Major will likely be slower for growth. In some cases, they could start to turn yellow.

To increase humidity around Dischiia Major, you can manage to spray around the area a few times a week. This small water particle will evaporate slowly and make humidity higher in an instant.

How to get Dischidia Major

buy major
Buy Dischidia Major at Nursery

Finding Dischidia, in general, could be tricky. They are not really easy to take care of and need some extra attention. Thus, not many nurseries are willing to take a risk to stock them. But worry not, you can find your Dischidia Major here, from a trusted nursery that can send the plants worldwide.

General Tips

details of Dischidia Major
Dischidia Major

Place in an area with good air circulation. Dischidia Major could be categorized as an air plant where they also need extra attention for the air surrounding them. A place with good air circulation is the best for them to stay.

Keep an Eye to get to know them better. Especially during their transition phase from nursery to adjust in your place. During this time, they will likely send a sign whether they have enough water/lighting/humidity.

Be Patience. Dischidia Major is a kind of slow grower. Showing their growth will take a lot more time than other plants. You will likely see their growth after 2 months or more. Just be patient.

As you now have all the required knowledge to take care of Dischidia Major, we hope you have more confidence to care for them. If you don’t have a Dichidia Major yet, you can get here.


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