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Easy Anthurium Crystallinum Care & Propagation Guide


by maspan


Want to buy anthurium crystallinum? Here are all the things you need to know before taking care of beautiful houseplants.

Who doesn’t love Anthurium crystallinum? A tropical plant which is easy to spot with the dark green and pale leaf veins along with the foliage. When you look at them closer, they have tiny sparkles as you look at the crystal. Maybe that’s why they are called crystallinum. If you touch their foliage, you can feel the velvety texture.

Anthurium crystallinum is native to Colombia but easy to find around the globe, especially in tropical countries in Southeast Asia like Indonesia. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t grow in other parts of the world because they are easy to take care of when you know what they want.

On this post we want to share with you about how we take care of anthurium crystallinum in our nursery. We mass production anthurium crystallinum in our nursery. You can get lowest price that you ever know for this plants from our nursery if you buy more than 500pcs plants (can be mix with other plants that we produce by ourself).

Care Guide

Anthurium Crystallinum Care Guide


The best soil for anthurium crystallinum is mixed medium with good drainage to prevent root rot. Consider finding media with plenty of air pockets because their roots can breathe better.

In our nursery, we use black sands, broken brick that made from clay and roasted husk of paddy. We know that you can’t get that media, we also can’t ship that media worldwide because of destination country regulation.

You can use Leca and sphagnum moss as a mix when you want to put them in clear glass. The clear glass that shows the layered media for your anthurium can be another home decoration.

As they grow healthier, some of their roots may possibly grow into the air. Don’t worry, this is normal and would be fine without cutting their “aerial” roots.


Anthurium crystallinum loves bright indirect light, it feels like when you stay under a shady tree. The direct sunlight will burn their foliage since it will be too hot for them. In our nursery, we put them in a shady place

Anthurium crystallinum is native to Peru and Panama, consistent light would be great to keep them grow. Ideally, they will have 12-14 hours of light per day. If you have a low-light room/house or simply during winter which only less than 10 hours of sun, having growing light is a must-have item. With artificial light like growing light, the light requirement will be easier to set since it always is consistent, same intensity, and same hours. 

If you put Anthurium crystallinum in such low light conditions, its growth will be much slower. But they will stay alive.


Anthurium crystallinum loves moist soil to grow. Don’t overwater it! because it can make the soil wet and cause root rot. As they have bigger and more foliage, their water needs would rise too. Avoid getting water on their foliage since they have a velvety texture. It will make them easier to get dirt and mold when they are wet.

Ideally, you can water them once or twice a week. During the hot days, you can even water them thrice a week because the water will evaporate easily from the soil. On the other hand, once every two weeks in winter would be enough.

If possible, you can gather rain water in your backyard and use them for watering crystallinum, they will love it! In our nursery sometimes they got water from the rain. Since we use well-draining soil, we don’t worried with the root they won’t be rot.

Anthurium crystallinum can’t completely dry. It will make them died.


Anthurium crystallinum is a tropical plant that originally lived in only two seasons, wet and dry. During the wet and dry seasons, the temperature is kind of stable between 65 to 75 °F (18 to 24 °C). If you live in a four-season country, keep the room at the right temperature to prevent it from freezing.

13° C is the lowest temperature for anthurium crystallinum, if you can make the room warmer is better for their growth.


High humidity between 70-80% is best for Anthurium Crystallinum. When your room is too dry, try to add more humidity in the room by spraying water around the plant. If spraying the room is not enough to increase humidity, try to use plastic bags to close off their own space for a few days. As the plants breathe, the humidity will rise. Keep an eye during this stage. If it is too humid, their foliage can rot.

You can also keep the plants in the kitchen and regularly boil pot water. I think it might help with the humidity. The easiest way is to buy a humidifier and put the plants around it. They will love it. If you are in a tropical country, you can put them anywhere because the humidity is high.


Basically, Anthurium crystallinum can be a low-maintenance plant. They can live with a small amount of fertilizer. If you are using organic soil, they can live in it. You can also use organic fertilizer such as fish tank water for watering this plant. The water can be organic fertilizer too.

You can use balanced fertilizer for houseplants. It’s easy to get. Right? But we prefer to use organic fertilizer, if you can get the organic easily why not?

You can use balanced fertilizer houseplants for the anthurium crystallinum. Another best option is organic fertilizer. if you have a fish, you can use their fish tank water as fertilizer. This is just optional and could work, but is not really necessary.


Anthurium Crystallinum growth will start with unfold tiny burgundy leaves. After that, they will get red and turn into pink foliage. Then they will slowly turn green. As mature leaves, They will have deep dark green with contrast white/ivory vine coloration. 

Please give them support like coco pole plant support so they can climb up like in the jungle 🙂


As Anthurium Crystallinum grows healthier as expected, repotting is important to make them grow better. In general, repotting Anthurium Crystallinum once in two years would be fine since they tend to as slow-growing plants. 

You know they need to be repot when their roots starting out from drainage holes. For repotting, please choose one size or 2″ bigger to make them stay in comfort pot. When the pot is too big for them, it will only make them anxious.

Common Problems

get rid of mealybugs

Leaf spots like burn marks: These could possibly because of bacterial infection by over watering or wet leaves. It will look asymptomatic for few months and once it spread, it will spread really fast. The affected leaves need to be cut as soon as possible before the infection spread wider. 

Yellowing and suddenly dropped leaves when everything is normal can be a symptom of a new problem. It usually causes by the root due to the waterlogged soil and some fungus. Remember, their roots need to breathe and dry after watering to grow better. 

Anthurium Crystallinum tends to be pest-resistant plants but in some unlucky way, they still have pests like mealybugs. These pests could suck all the plant’s nutrients and make the plants miserable. 

In case your plant gets the mealybug, you can use regular insecticidal soap once a week to cure it. You can also try to use a cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol to dab the mealybugs. When the insects died, clean your plant with a damp cloth gently.

Pro Tip: Cleaning Anthurium Crystallinum foliage with damp clothes regularly will prevent any pests problem.

Where To Buy?

If you want to buy anthurium crystallinum, we offer three different size. Small around USD 19, medium around USD 39 and the king size around USD 75. If you want to get cheaper price, you can buy wholesale. We have some wholesale best price for the Anthurium

You also can get best price with over 50% off if buy wholesale anthurium crystallinum with minimum purchased 10 plants. Please check and follow our Instagram account to see beautiful collections of rare tropical plants in our nursery.

Anthurium Varieties We Love

  • Anthurium Clarinervium: It’s hard to get, we only have small amount in nursery but for production and collection. Not available for sale right now. They have more thick leaves and nice texture
  • Magnificum: Sometimes hard to see the different crystallinum and magnificum. We need to put hand to the stem. If they are rounded is crystallinum but when the stem square is magnificum. When they grow old, its more easty to see the differents. We have in stock if you want the big size


Is Anthurium Crystallinum pet-friendly?

No, when the sap is swallowed could be dangerous. The sap will make irritate the throat and leads to an allergic reaction. This plants is toxic to cat and dog.

How to clean Anthurium Crystallinum foliage?

You can clean with damp cloth really gently. Most of the dirt is caused by water that stuck on the foliage too long and starts to be home to fungus. After you mist/ water the foliage, you can just wipe it with dry tissue or soft fabrics.

Is Anthurium Crystallinum Hard to care for?

No, Anthurium crystallinum is the easiest aroid plant to take care of. They don’t need any extra attention.

Is Anthurium Crystallinum Climbing?

Anthurium crystallinum grows as an epiphyte with aerial roots. They will love some form of support, such as a moss pole. The aerial roots will attach to the pole and help support the plant as it grows. But you don’t need to add any poles when they are still small.


Anthurium Crystallinum is an easy plant to take care of once we know what they want and suits for new plant parent. Keep your Anthurium Crystallinum to your pet when they love to bite things like plants. If you have any question related to anthurium crystallinum care, feel free to ask us in comment form below.


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