8 Best Houseplants for Bathroom


by maspan


Plants can make our bathrooms look nicer while improving the air quality. The plants would also love to stay in the bathroom since it is the most humid and warm room in the house. More than that, it is quite handy for watering the plants because the water is always in the room too.

Plants are like humans, they can be picky too. Some plants love high humidity, other plants love the opposite. The cactus would love a drier environment than a humid one. 

Choosing the right plants for the humid and warm bathroom needs to be done wisely because the warmth could be cold, especially during the winter. The extreme change would be bad for some plants. 

On the other hand, some bathroom doesn’t have enough light, either natural light or the artificial. 

Humidity, temperature swings, and the lights are the main factor before choose plants to put in the bathroom. Here are some plants that you can choose for your bathroom.


Sansieviera at bathroom
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Sansevieria is a foolproof plant that everyone, from beginners to experts, loves. Sansevieria is simply stunning with its color and shape. Tall plants with bright lime color and deep green, such as Sansevieria golden flame, or monochromatic moonshine, would complement minimalism in the bathroom. These plants can tolerate bright or dim light and any humidity level. 

Pothos N’Joy

Rare and healthy Pothos N’Joy
Pothos N’Joy for sale

Pothos N’Joy is one of the beautiful vining plants. They are simple to care for and tolerate irregular watering and low light. Completely beginner-friendly. Like other vining plants, they can grow into your bathroom curtain when you put them on the shower curtain rod. They will grow quickly when you watering them regularly. Their white-green foliage is real insta-worthy.

Calathea Fusion White

Buy Calathea Fusion White
Calathea Fusion White for sale

Most Calathea, including Calathea Fusion White, love high humidity like a bathroom. Green foliage with white variegation on its foliage can make your bathroom more decorative and livelier. Calathea Fusion White could handle low light, so it would be a good choice for a bathroom with a small window. You can shop here.

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Cream

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Cream for sale
Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Cream for sale

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Cream will be happy anywhere in the home, including the bathroom. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, you can put Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor in the other room to get enough indirect light for 8–10 hours. Their foliage has a camouflage army pattern with pastel colors. It will bring calm to your morning shower. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Variegated

Variegated Fiddle leaf fig Medium Size
Photo by Lauren Mancke

Surprisingly, Fiddle leaf Fig Variegated will thrive in the bathroom. As they can grow big, fiddle leaf figs are also seen as a decorative statement for your bathroom. Taking care of them can be tricky because they need constant bright light and a warm environment. Fiddle leaf Fig is not for a bathroom without big windows. Fiddle leaf is quite easy to find in any nursery. 

Philodendron Mexicanum

philodendron Mexicanum for sale

Philodendron Mexicanum is beginner-friendly. They are easy to take care of also adaptive to any conditions, like high humidity and moderate indirect light. Philodendron Mexicanum’s young leaves will be shiny and light green on top and pink on the bottom. When it matures, the green would darker and the magenta color would turn into maroon color. You can use a support pole to let them grow more dramatic.

Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated King (Large)

Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated King Large for sale
Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated King for sale

If you want to have a shower like the one in anime, you can have Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated King (Large). Their huge foliage will make you feel like in Arriety’s world. Your bathroom will have the best centerpiece. Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated King (Large) love in the high humidity with bright indirect light to keep them thriving. 

If you have a guest bathroom, the plants that love drier humidity would be fitter than plants that love high humidity. Guest bathrooms tend to be drier since they are not used that often than the main bathroom. Please consider before you choose the plants. 

Asplenium Variegated

buy asplenium variegata
Asplenium variegata for sale

Asplenium Variegated is part of fern, known as the hard-to-kill plants. They do not easily get any pests like mealybugs. With one Asplenium Variegated, your bathroom would look better. These plants love to moderate and indirect light. If it is possible, you put them on the window sill.

What are your favorite plants in the bathroom? Let us know in the comment below.

If you can’t find your dream plants for the bathroom, you can email us. We would happy to help find them for you.


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