3 Rare Dark Foliage Philodendrons

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Philodendron is now the most hunted houseplants. Although you can found this plant easily, there are some rare species that you may never hear of before. Philodendron dominated with green color, but if you want to get different rare philodendron, there are three rare dark neon-green Philodendrons:

Philodendron Red Heart

First starting point, it’s obviously called ‘Red Heart’ for a reason, right? The name comes from the dark green almost black leaves. In certain photos, it looks green, but some look black. It all depends on how the light reflect on the plants. The dark green also has a little touch of nice flushed red which blend together perfectly.

Philodendron Majesty

The second rare dark foliage Philodendron is Philodendron Majesty. This one is a matte plant according to the color from leaves to stem. The leaves come out as perfect burgundy/ black color, but eventually the get a little bit brighter when the leaves come through. The stems are also matte black.

Adding this non-green rare Philodendron to your houseplants collection would be an exciting idea.

Philodendron Dark Lord

Philodendron Dark Lord

The last from the list is Philodendron Dark Lord whose leaves emerge as strong burgundy/dark red (almost black) which eventually fades into the super dark green with a metallic maroon underside. It has pretty long heart-shaped leaves, and the leaves come off pointy.

Dark Lord is a climbing tropical plant, so it would be nice if you put a pole for them to climb. It can grow indoor in lower light than the other plants. Keep the soil moist, but well-drained.

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