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  • You will get 10 plants for each order.
  • Photos are for reference only. You will get a random plant. Size and shape are like the photos.
  • Free Phytosanitary Certificate
  • We will ship 7-14 working days after receiving the order (depends on how long the processing export document).
  • Shipping: We will use DHL Express. This is the fastest shipping we can afford. Usually to the United States takes 5-6 days. The other is 8-10 days. We can combine shipping.
  • We only send tuber because the leaf is easy to melt and prevents root rot.

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Alocasia Dragon Scale named after their foliage resemble of dragon’s scale. Alocasia Dragon Scale has bright green with deep dark veins as their contrast. Like the real dragons, they love to stay in shade during the day with high humidity around. Be careful and always keep an eye for their water needs because they can easily wilts when don’t have enough water.


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