Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated


Want to buy Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated? Some people alo said that it’s alocasia machroriza albo variegata .We have it on sale with limited stock! They have some different size that you can choose there.

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Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated is the perfect centerpiece in your room. Alocasia Gageana Macrorrhiza Variegated also known as the elephant ear plant. Their waxy texture has various white blotch on each foliage. Their mature leaves have a length up to 80 cm from the main stem that could bring things around them smaller and we feel like living as mini humans.

Some people also say the name of this plant is Alocasia Macrorrhiza Albo, because part of the leaves is white. This plant is not friendly for the pet, make sure that your pet does not eat part of this plant. We prefer to send only the bulb. Because the leaves of this plant easily melted during shipping. The melted leaves can make the package wet and rot. Cutting the leaves is the safest way to ship this plant.

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